Some of my favourite books 

I am a big fan of reading and these are some of my very favourite books.

1. Looking for Alaska – John green

This book is about a man called Miles who is madly in love with a girl called Alaska and when something tragic happens to her he discovers the pain of living and loving.

2. The fault in our stars – John green

This book is perfect if you fancy a good cry. It is about a girl who is fighting cancer who finds a boy who survived cancer and they fall in love. It has a very sad ending but it’s a brilliant story.

3. The perks of being a wallflower – Stephen Chbosky

This book is about a shy but intelligent boy who is socially awkward fins himself caught between trying to live his life and trying to run from it. He finds the perfect group of friends and feels happy but can it last forever?

4. Paper towns – John green ( you can see I like this author)

This book is about a boy named Quentin who has always loved Margo Roth Spiegelman but she’s mysterious and when she goes missing he takes it upon himself and the help of his friends to find her.

5. Fan girl – Rainbow Rowell

This book is about two twins called Cath and Wren and ever since their mum left when they were little they’ve always been together but when they start university they split up. Wren’s off partying while Cath’s shut herself in the dorm deciding whether she’s ready to open up and meet new people.

6. If I stay – Gayle Forman

This book is about a girl called Mia she has the perfect life, a lovely boyfriend and an amazing talent at cello. But when Mia has everything taken away she is left with only one choice.

7. Let it Snow – John green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren myracle

This book is about a snowy Christmas Eve and by one girl stepping off a train a series of life changing events sets off. The three stories collide with love at the head of it all.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for books to read and if you do read them or have already read them please leave a comment with your opinions on it and give me some book recommendations . Thankyou !

Remember all is rosy !

My Favourite Lip Products 

I’m a big fan of pretty lips, so I decided to share my six favourite lip products!

This is a revlon colour burst lip butter in the shade ‘tutti frutti’ it’s a nice peachy, colour perfect for the spring !


This lovely lip gloss is from the Tanya burr beauty collection in the shade ‘Aurora’ it’s a very pretty pink and it’s not too sticky!


Rimmel do some really nice tinted lip balms. This is the colour rush lip balm in the shade ‘keep mauving’ it’s perfect for everyday wear.

Kiko do good satin finished lipsticks and the packaging is really pretty. I use the shade 19 .


I love the No7 lipsticks, becuase they’re very creamy and easy to apply. My favourite is the shade ‘classic rose’.


My last lipstick and possibly my favourite lipstick is the Mac lipstick in the shade ‘giddy’. It stays on for a very long time and is very creamy.


Hope this helped if you’re looking for a perfect everyday lip product!

Remember all is rosy!


Summer Smoothie

This is probably my favourite smoothie, packed with fruit and very delicious !

I use :

– a handful of raspberries

– 4 strawberries

– a chunk of pineapple

– a few slices of peach

Fruit can be quite expensive, so when I have pineapple I freeze the left over bits to use for smoothies so not only do you not have to cut a new pineapple but you also save money and making your smoothie nice and cold! I use frozen berries and tinned peach. I use the juice from the peach as my liquid so my smoothie isn’t to thick. I put all my ingredients into a blender and whizz them up ! That’s your smoothie finished ! Pop into a nice glass, add a straw and enjoy !

This is what my smoothie looked like !

This is what my smoothie looked like !

Remember all is rosy!



Hello! I have decided to start a blog! I won’t be telling you much about me but i will be sharing cool recipes,pictures from my day,things that i have brought and other random stuff! I am a girl from Norfolk, England with a love for plants, pictures and pink.

Remember all is rosy!