My Favourite Lip Products 

I’m a big fan of pretty lips, so I decided to share my six favourite lip products!

This is a revlon colour burst lip butter in the shade ‘tutti frutti’ it’s a nice peachy, colour perfect for the spring !


This lovely lip gloss is from the Tanya burr beauty collection in the shade ‘Aurora’ it’s a very pretty pink and it’s not too sticky!


Rimmel do some really nice tinted lip balms. This is the colour rush lip balm in the shade ‘keep mauving’ it’s perfect for everyday wear.

Kiko do good satin finished lipsticks and the packaging is really pretty. I use the shade 19 .


I love the No7 lipsticks, becuase they’re very creamy and easy to apply. My favourite is the shade ‘classic rose’.


My last lipstick and possibly my favourite lipstick is the Mac lipstick in the shade ‘giddy’. It stays on for a very long time and is very creamy.


Hope this helped if you’re looking for a perfect everyday lip product!

Remember all is rosy!



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