My top 3 favourite skincare products

Here are the three best skincare products that I use and think are amazing!  

The first one is the witchhazel blemish stick, I just pop it on my problem areas before bed and when I wake up my skin looks much better. It works really well overnight but not as good during the day.

Here’s the link for the Witchhazel blemish stick

Next up is my favourite day cream from no7.This is quite pricey but I noticed the difference almost immediately I put a pea sized bit all over my face in the morning and then go do my makeup. I really love it because it doesn’t clog up your skin or make it feel horrible and sticky. Also it has spf 15 which is good because you should always wear sun cream.

Here’s the link for the No7 day cream 

Lastly is the silver serum, it sounds quite strange but is absolutely amazing.You really only need to put a small amount on problem areas and they’re gone overnight. I find I get the best results if I swap from witchhazel to silver serum each night so my skin doesn’t get used to anything.
Here’s the link for the Silver serum   

Hope this helped you if you were looking for some good products for your skin! Thankyou for reading x

Remember all is rosy! 


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