My Top 5 favourite movies

Okay is I’m just going to put this out there I’m not a huge fan of movies. I get a bit bored so I really need one that hooks me in. I love comedies because obviously they make me laugh and I love ones with songs in as then I can kind of join in hahah and I love ones that make me cry idek?! 

So here are 5 of my favourites: 

1. Pitch perfect, I love both pitch perfects and I think they’re so so good! Also the songs are amazing!

2. Elf – I mean I know it’s a Christmas film but it’s still so so good! Also Will Pharell is such a good actor!

3. I really love ‘love rosie’ I find absolutely hilarious and quite sad and it’s just the perfect love movie.

4. I like the hunger games I think the plot is really good and just a generally good set of movies but they are very lonnngggg!

5. And my last favourite is kingsman it’s a bit gruesome but very funny and very very good! 

I would definitely say give these films a watch Because they’re so so good! Sorry if this blogpost is a bit short but it’s my birthday in a few days which means lots of cool blog posts yay! 

Remember all is rosy!

Summer nail polishes 

Hello , so today I wanted to share with you my favourite summer nail polishes! 


So very recently I got the Barry m jelly nail polish in the shade ‘papaya’ , it’s such a summery colour and lasts such a long time! I also think the packaging is really pretty.

I have always been a huge fan of 60 second nail polishes, they don’t last that long but they dry so quickly that you can redo them very easily.I think that the shade ‘too cool to tango’ is such a lovely colour!

I only just realised that this next nail polish is limited edition, but it’s such a nice nail polish. It’s a normal Barry m nail polish in the shade ‘bikini’ I hope that you can still get this nail polish but I’m not entirely sure.

Okay so the next nail polish was a present and I don’t know the colour or where it’s from but it’s absolutely amazing! The colour is soooo pretty and it stays on for so long! If you can find this nail polish online somewhere please send me the link as I would love more colours because it is literally like having gel nails!

And the last nail polish is again 60 seconds but it’s my favourite nail polish ever! It’s called ‘Rose libertine’ and it’s just the nicest colour on the nail. I defiantly will keep repurchasing this item as it’s amazing!

Thanks for reading , let me know what your favourite nail polishes are for the summer!

Remember all is rosy! X

Sunshine Award


I’m so happy to say that i have been nominated by Ryane Zamora to do the sunshine award. Her blog is so be sure to have a look.

All you have to do is answer the questions set by the person who nominated you, and then create your own set of questions and nominate a few people!

So here are my answers!

1. What are you wearing right now?

Well i am a very lazy person, so i am in my pajamas right now! haha xx

2. What brand of makeup do you have most off?

I have 3 brands which are Benefit , Rimmel and MUA. They all have such a wide range of products and are all really good – MUA is espically good for eyeshadows! x

3. What would the perfect day look like to you?

A very warm day , at the beach with my family having a BBQ and playing in the sea! x

4. What is one makeup item you just CANNOT live without?

Ahhh this is so hard.I could shorten it down to 3 which would be mascara , concealer and a eyebrow pencil but if i really had to choose one i think it might have to be mascara! x

5. Who is my celebrity girl crush?

I really like all the girls from PLL. Maybe Shay Mitchell or Ashley Benson !

( by the way i’m finding these questions extremely hard haha x )

6. Whats you go-to lip colour?

This one is quite easy for me! For everyday i like quite a neutral look like ‘giddy’ from Mac but for a more evening look i really like No7 ‘classic rose’. I have done a blog post on all my favourite lip products if you want to have a look! x

7. Do you have fun plans for the rest of the day?

I plan to have a lovely big bath and then watch some PLL, which is fun for me but not very exciting! x

Okay so now i’m going to do my 7 questions and who i tag!

The three people i’m going to tag are:

1. Miss Lifestyler

2. With all my affection

3. Jordan Lee Beauty Blogger

My questions for you are:

1. Do you prefer chocolate or sweets?

2. Have you got any nice plans for the future?

3. Whats the best kind of day?

4.  If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

5. Whats your favourite make up brand and their product?

6. Whats the one book you’ve read over and over again?

7. What inspired you to start blogging?

Thankyou for reading! I really enjoyed this blog post and if you want to ask me some questions i will right them down and answer them in another blog post! If i tagged you please let me know when you post your answers as i would love to read them!

Rememebr all is rosy! x

May favourites 

Hello! I’ve decided to do a favourites blog post x sorry it’s a little bit late! 

So the first favourite is hand sanitizer. It’s a bit of a weird thing but it’s getting quite warm here and near to summer and I think it’s always handy to have some with you. I really like the cuticular hand sanitizer in ‘Passion flower and mango’ becuase it smells delicious.

Next up are the tortoise shell print hair clips.You can buy these anywhere (mine are from primark) and they’re so good to keep your hair out of your face when doing your makeup or washing your face. I have been using them a lot recently, becuase it annoys me when I have hair in my face haha!

I also really like the Cath kidston hand creams, I have a lot of summer birthdays and I think these are perfect presents and smell delicious – my favourite is the lime and mint.

Another favourite of mine are these really cool sunglasses from primark. They’re very cheap and are really good quality.They always bring out new designs so don’t worry if you can’t find these exact ones! And they come with a little bag aswell.

Next are the real techniques core collection brushes. These are so soft and perfect at getting all your makeup to sit smoothly on your face.I would really recommend these brushes and you’ve got the perfect mix of basic brushes!

My two favourite makeup items are the benefit ‘gimme brow’ and the maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in ‘pink gold’. The gimme brow i use is light/medium and is perfect for shaping and colouring your eyebrows. The colour tattoo is a really pretty pink and ,lasts for such a long time!

My last favourite is ‘girl online’ by Zoe Sugg. Not only was this a really good book,but it also gave me the inspiration to start this blog!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Remember all is rosy!

How to stay happy!

Being happy is very important and every now and again i get very unhappy. Whether it’s to do with boredom, stress or family and friends. I’ve come up with a few ways to make you feel happy when you are down.

  1. Sleep more – If you sleep more, then you’re less prone to blip out and cause an argument which will make you feel better. Also you won’t feel grumpy and down.
  2. Spend more time with nice people- I think that if you are down and spend it with fun, happy or kind people, it rubs off on you and you can’t help but doesn’t have to be an actual person, It could be an actor (you could watch something they’re in) , a youtuber or listen to your favourite singer to get you in a good mood.
  3. Worry less- the reason I get unhappy is I worry. About school (if I’m not doing as well as I would like) , about something I might of said or what someone else had said to me. Just put it into perspective. What’s the worst that can happen? So you’re not at the top of the class is this going to affect you in50 years’ time? So you may have said the wrong thing and you fall out with a friend? If you and your friend take each other too seriously it’s not a fun friendship it needs to be easy going. At the end of the day you are what you are and nothing can change that.
  4. Go outside and be in the fresh air- when I’m unhappy going outside is perfect for me. I just sit and think everything through and you can just get away from the stress and unhappiness and you will find it makes you feel a lot better about yourself.
  5. Make a list of 100 things that make you happy- I think this is such a good thing to do. If you’re bored it will cure that and it will help in the future. If you’re unhappy you can go and look at your list and do something on there. For example have a big bubbly bath or bake some cookies or read your favourite book. It can be fun to do and make you a lot happier.

I hope this will help if you ever feel unhappy and I hope this cheers you up!

Remember all is rosy!