May favourites 

Hello! I’ve decided to do a favourites blog post x sorry it’s a little bit late! 

So the first favourite is hand sanitizer. It’s a bit of a weird thing but it’s getting quite warm here and near to summer and I think it’s always handy to have some with you. I really like the cuticular hand sanitizer in ‘Passion flower and mango’ becuase it smells delicious.

Next up are the tortoise shell print hair clips.You can buy these anywhere (mine are from primark) and they’re so good to keep your hair out of your face when doing your makeup or washing your face. I have been using them a lot recently, becuase it annoys me when I have hair in my face haha!

I also really like the Cath kidston hand creams, I have a lot of summer birthdays and I think these are perfect presents and smell delicious – my favourite is the lime and mint.

Another favourite of mine are these really cool sunglasses from primark. They’re very cheap and are really good quality.They always bring out new designs so don’t worry if you can’t find these exact ones! And they come with a little bag aswell.

Next are the real techniques core collection brushes. These are so soft and perfect at getting all your makeup to sit smoothly on your face.I would really recommend these brushes and you’ve got the perfect mix of basic brushes!

My two favourite makeup items are the benefit ‘gimme brow’ and the maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in ‘pink gold’. The gimme brow i use is light/medium and is perfect for shaping and colouring your eyebrows. The colour tattoo is a really pretty pink and ,lasts for such a long time!

My last favourite is ‘girl online’ by Zoe Sugg. Not only was this a really good book,but it also gave me the inspiration to start this blog!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Remember all is rosy!


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