Summer nail polishes 

Hello , so today I wanted to share with you my favourite summer nail polishes! 


So very recently I got the Barry m jelly nail polish in the shade ‘papaya’ , it’s such a summery colour and lasts such a long time! I also think the packaging is really pretty.

I have always been a huge fan of 60 second nail polishes, they don’t last that long but they dry so quickly that you can redo them very easily.I think that the shade ‘too cool to tango’ is such a lovely colour!

I only just realised that this next nail polish is limited edition, but it’s such a nice nail polish. It’s a normal Barry m nail polish in the shade ‘bikini’ I hope that you can still get this nail polish but I’m not entirely sure.

Okay so the next nail polish was a present and I don’t know the colour or where it’s from but it’s absolutely amazing! The colour is soooo pretty and it stays on for so long! If you can find this nail polish online somewhere please send me the link as I would love more colours because it is literally like having gel nails!

And the last nail polish is again 60 seconds but it’s my favourite nail polish ever! It’s called ‘Rose libertine’ and it’s just the nicest colour on the nail. I defiantly will keep repurchasing this item as it’s amazing!

Thanks for reading , let me know what your favourite nail polishes are for the summer!

Remember all is rosy! X


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