My Birthday

On sunday it was my birthday and i thought it would be really cool to do a birthday day in the life! x

So i woke up in the morning to a pile of beautifully wrapped presents.

My mum also decorated the house and it looked soooo cool! I did do a blog post on how to make these pom pom garlands if you want to have a look! xx

These are a few of the bits and bobs that i got ! xx


I got some celebrations ( yum!!) , the benefit ooh la lift ( which is sooo good ) , the mindfulness colouring book – which is meant to help soothe stress and anxiety and a bottle of some delicous J2o watermelon drink. If you want me to do a ‘what i got for my birthday’ i can do, just leave it in the comments.

Later on i had some birthday cake which my mum made and it was very very delicous !

And i just wanted to show this really cute card i got haha xx

I hope that where ever you are you have a lovely rest of the day! Thanks for reading xx

Remember all is rosy!


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