Summer Meringue 

Hello everyone, today I have got for you a very delicious treat – a raspberry meringue!


-3 large eggs

– 125g of caster sugar

– 75g of icing sugar

– Some whippable cream


– some chocolate

– some little sweets like millions or jelly tots

– So to begin with just preheat your oven to 120°C , fan 100°C and gas 1/2.

– Get your eggs and seperate the whites from the yolk. Make sure none of the yolk gets in the white!

– Whisks your whites using an electric whisk to form stiff white peaks – make sure you don’t over whisk!

– Then slowly whisk in the caster sugar, about a quarter at a time until its smooth and glossy.

– Sieve in your icing sugar and gently fold with a metal spoon.

– Spoon the mixture onto a foil lined baking tray and cook for 2 hours.

– Once you’ve got your meringue out of the oven and its completely cool , whisk your cream until you can spoon it onto the meringue.

– Then melt some chocolate and drizzle all over the meringue – go completely crazy the more the better!

– Add some raspberries and sweeties and your done!

– Store this in the fridge and enjoy! xx

Hope you enjoy making this and let me know in the comments how you get on!

Remember all is rosy! x


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