August Favourites

So it is almost September and now is when I question how did August go by so quickly? Where did the summer holidays go ? Because I have had 6 weeks off it has given me plenty of time to try new things and find new favourites and that is what I want to share with you today ! X

So these are my August favourites !

– The first things is the ‘Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser’. I just pump some onto my hand , gently rub around my face and remove with a Muslim cloth. This has made my skin feel so much more moisturised , taken my makeup off perfectly and got rid of all impurities!

Here is the link if you’re interested:

– Next up is the ‘Nivea rich moisturising cream’ , this cream is so light and is perfect to go under makeup ! Because it has spf15 it is good for the summer !

You can get this here :

– I have also been loving the soap and glory ‘righteous butter ‘. Because it’s summer and you’re going to have you’re legs on show more you want them looking smooth and soft. This is such a good moisturiser and smells incredible !

Click the link if you’re interested! :

Next are my brushes of the month ! They’re both from real techniques, one is the buffing brush and one is the duo-fiber eye brush! The buffing brush is so good to buff in concealer and foundation and the eye brush is perfect for what I’m about to tell you next! I’m afraid these are both in sets , but I have done full reviews on the sets in a previous blog post !

I have been loving putting a little bit of the maybelline ‘ colour tattoo’ in ‘ on and on bronze ‘ all over my lid using my real techniques eye brush! The brush just picks up the perfect amount and it looks really pretty! The colour tattoos are perfect for some as they are waterproof and they don’t sweat off – at all!

Here is the link! :

My last makeup Item is a mac lipstick in the shade ‘giddy’ this is such a pretty summer colour and I absolutely love it ! It’s so creamy and just makes your lips look lovely !

And the last thing from my favourites is the book ‘ gone girl ‘ I got this at the beginning of August along with a few other books and I have to say this is my favourite ! It’s really hooks you in and I like how it tells the story from different perspectives ! It’s definitely worth a read ! X

Thanks for reading this blog post ! I hope you enjoyed x

Remember all is rosy ! X

A day in suffolk

So on Monday I had an amazing day with my family going to Suffolk ( which is about 2hours from where I live ) we visited 3 places and it was lots of fun! X

So to begin with we went to Aldeburgh, we walked the streets and popped in a few shops!

Then for lunch we had a burger from the local butchers! Because it’s summer they were doing a BBQ and it was very delicious. We ate the burger on the beach and the weather was lovely – I had such a nice time! We had a stroll along the beach and then decided to go to Thorpness!

In Thorpness we went to an Antique Emporium which was full of lots of lovely bits and then we sat on the green in the sunshine drinking a delicious drink ! ( I would highly recommend these drinks they are Sanpellegrino )

Our last stop was Southwold which could well be one of my favourite places ever !

I went for a look in some of the shops and then of course got a delicious ice cream ! ( mine was lemon curd flavour ) Then we sat on a patch of grass just enjoying the sunshine! We had a lovely walk along the beach and went paddling in the sea.

Then we headed off home ! It was an amazing day x I would love to here if you have ever been to any of these places and what you got up to!

Remember all is rosy !

Face of the day

Today I thought I would show you my face of the day! Seen as it’s quite hot at the moment I wanted a nice light face – nothing to heavy!

These are all the products I used –


So first of all of I squeeze a small amount of the max factor CC cream onto my real techniques buffing brushes and dot that around my face and then buff it in.


I really love this CC cream as it has SPF 10 and completely gets rid of redness and makes your skin look flawless!

Next up I put the collection lasting perfection concealer under my eyes and just gently rub in with my fingers. I leave blemishes as I think the CC cream gives enough coverage.

Moving onto brows, I use the MUA eyebrow pencil and stroke through my brows.


I then take the MUA undressed eyeshadow palette and run shade 3 ( the third one on the top row) though my brow with the real techniques brow brush!

I then move onto bronzer , using my real techniques duo-fibre contour brush I put the Rimmel natural bronzer through the hollows of my cheeks and on the corners of my forehead. After doing that I then pop on my Rimmel clear complexion natural minerals powder with my real techniques duo-fibre face brush. I put this all over my face to keep it matte.


I put on the benefit roller lash mascara and that’s my eyes finished !


Lastly I put on a EOS lip balm because in the summer I just like a natural look and I think a lipstick takes away from that!

Here are all the brushes that I have mentioned –


Hope you enjoyed this post!

Rememebr all is rosy! X

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Flapjacks

In today post I thought I would share a delicious recipe with you! These flapjacks taste amazing and are a perfect little treat!


So to begin with, on a low heat melt –

30g of butter

70g of peanut butter

25g of caster sugar

5 tablespoons of syrup

150g of dark chocolate

Once they’re all melted and it looks nice and smooth add 200g of oats and mix them together well!

Spoon into a paper lined tin and pop into a 180°c oven for 20 minutes!

Leave to cool for 10 minutes and enjoy! Xxx


I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe use this recipe!

Remember all is rosy! X

Real Techniques Brushes Collection

Okay so for the past year or so I have found myself getting more and more real technique brushes – which isn’t a good thing haha. But now I think I have all the brushes I need and there is quite a lot oops! So I just wanted to tell you what ones I’ve got and what I use them for ! Xxx


So the first set that I got was the core collection set which I think is about £15.

In that set you get 4 brushes ;

– A buffing brush , which I use to buff my bb cream or foundation.

– A contour brush , which I actually use for blusher haha!

– A really small brush which doesn’t have a name haha , which I use for concealing blemishes!

– And a pointed foundation brush , which I work around my neck and side of my face so I know everything is blended nicely.

My sister then brought me a single brush which is a gold/bronze foundation brush which is perfect for getting in smaller places and blending foundation finer. I’m afraid I’m not sure how much this is as I got it as a present!

The next set I got again as a present, is the eye set and I think this is about £20. This set was the one I have always wanted as it just looks amazing – and it really is! Xx

In this set you get 5 brushes which are ;

– A fine liner brush , which I use to put a black line along my lash line to open up my eyes more!

– A deluxe crease brush ( that might be my favourite brush ever) which I use to put pretty eyeshades in my crease ! X

– A accent brush , which I use to put a light eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eyes!

– A brow brush , which I just use to put a blondey colour eyeshadow through my brows with!

– And a base shadow brush which of course I apply my base with haha! X

The last set I own is the duo fibre set which is a bit more pricey and is about £23.

In this set you get 3 ever so soft and just amazing brushes! You get:

– A contour brush , which I use for bronzer ! X

–  A eye brush , which I use to add pigment or pack lots of colour on my eye with!

– And a face brush , which I use for powder!

I hope you enjoyed this post , let me know in the comments if you’ve got any real techniques brushes and I will see you very soon!

Remember all is rosy! X