Real Techniques Brushes Collection

Okay so for the past year or so I have found myself getting more and more real technique brushes – which isn’t a good thing haha. But now I think I have all the brushes I need and there is quite a lot oops! So I just wanted to tell you what ones I’ve got and what I use them for ! Xxx


So the first set that I got was the core collection set which I think is about £15.

In that set you get 4 brushes ;

– A buffing brush , which I use to buff my bb cream or foundation.

– A contour brush , which I actually use for blusher haha!

– A really small brush which doesn’t have a name haha , which I use for concealing blemishes!

– And a pointed foundation brush , which I work around my neck and side of my face so I know everything is blended nicely.

My sister then brought me a single brush which is a gold/bronze foundation brush which is perfect for getting in smaller places and blending foundation finer. I’m afraid I’m not sure how much this is as I got it as a present!

The next set I got again as a present, is the eye set and I think this is about £20. This set was the one I have always wanted as it just looks amazing – and it really is! Xx

In this set you get 5 brushes which are ;

– A fine liner brush , which I use to put a black line along my lash line to open up my eyes more!

– A deluxe crease brush ( that might be my favourite brush ever) which I use to put pretty eyeshades in my crease ! X

– A accent brush , which I use to put a light eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eyes!

– A brow brush , which I just use to put a blondey colour eyeshadow through my brows with!

– And a base shadow brush which of course I apply my base with haha! X

The last set I own is the duo fibre set which is a bit more pricey and is about £23.

In this set you get 3 ever so soft and just amazing brushes! You get:

– A contour brush , which I use for bronzer ! X

–  A eye brush , which I use to add pigment or pack lots of colour on my eye with!

– And a face brush , which I use for powder!

I hope you enjoyed this post , let me know in the comments if you’ve got any real techniques brushes and I will see you very soon!

Remember all is rosy! X


13 thoughts on “Real Techniques Brushes Collection

  1. Lauren Mcknight says:

    I love the real techniques brushes! I have the core collection, the blush brush, expert face brush, and powder brush! My favourite has to be the buffing brush in the core collection though! I’m getting the eye kit for my birthday in a few weeks, I’m really excited to try it out!☺️ check out my blog if you want!xx

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