A day in suffolk

So on Monday I had an amazing day with my family going to Suffolk ( which is about 2hours from where I live ) we visited 3 places and it was lots of fun! X

So to begin with we went to Aldeburgh, we walked the streets and popped in a few shops!

Then for lunch we had a burger from the local butchers! Because it’s summer they were doing a BBQ and it was very delicious. We ate the burger on the beach and the weather was lovely – I had such a nice time! We had a stroll along the beach and then decided to go to Thorpness!

In Thorpness we went to an Antique Emporium which was full of lots of lovely bits and then we sat on the green in the sunshine drinking a delicious drink ! ( I would highly recommend these drinks they are Sanpellegrino )

Our last stop was Southwold which could well be one of my favourite places ever !

I went for a look in some of the shops and then of course got a delicious ice cream ! ( mine was lemon curd flavour ) Then we sat on a patch of grass just enjoying the sunshine! We had a lovely walk along the beach and went paddling in the sea.

Then we headed off home ! It was an amazing day x I would love to here if you have ever been to any of these places and what you got up to!

Remember all is rosy !


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