10 School Survival Tips

Here’s 10 tips that hopefully will help you survive high school!

  1. Have some hand sanitizer with you at all times – you never know when you’re going to touch some gum or have pen all over your hands, so having hand sanitizer with you is always a good idea!
  2. Do your homework! – As soon as you get your homework try and get it done that day, this way you never have to worry whether about it until its due.
  3. Put your homework in your bag – once you’ve done your homework put it in your bag, in your planner or in a plastic wallet. This way you will always have your homework on you and you don’t need to worry!
  4. Makeup – Do your makeup according to the day. So on PE days wear a really heavy duty primer and on a hot day lean off the eyeshadow. Also maybe when you have a strict teacher go for a more natural look.
  5. Chewing gum –We all know the struggle of pulling out your gum and suddenly there’s a huge crowd of people wanting some! To solve this, you could either empty your gum into a clean pocket and if people ask just show them an empty packet or have one full packet and one empty packet and always produce the empty packet!
  6. Toilets – if you are like me and hate going to the toilet at school at lunchtime, when it’s full of girls loitering around and hogging the sinks just get your mum to write in a note and get a toilet pass. That way you can go in lessons and have the toilets to yourself!
  7. Struggling in lessons – if you are struggling in lessons and you’re too shy to speak to a teacher, then use sites like Sam learning and bitesize these sites are soooo good and I guarantee they will help you with what you struggling at.
  8. Makeup bag – So lots of schools are very strict over makeup, but if you’re like me and want to touch up your mascara or powder then put some makeup bits in a different pencil case so it looks like pencils and not makeup!
  9. Teachers – even if there’s teachers you don’t like, you should always try and be nice and polite to them. That way they’re more inclined to help you!
  10. Stay happy! – At school it’s very easy to get down and stressed. Maybe about grades or friends or teachers or homework, but it will all be easier with a positive frame of mind!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Thanks for reading , i hope this helped some of you !                                                                                                                   Remember all is rosy! x

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