What I got for Christmas!

Hey guys, today I wanted to show you some of the bits I got for Christmas ! I got lots of amazing things and I’ve chosen some to show you !

So from my parents , I got completely spoilt with some amazing presents and one of my favourites is an Olivia Burton watch. It is so beautiful , it’s silver with a black strap and a black face and I love it so so much! 

Again from my parents , I got the candyfloss tangle teezer which I was extremely pleased about because  my previous tangle teezer got quite old and not very pleasant! I think my mum had a bit of a theme going on , because she also brought me this adorable bunny beauty blender!

I got a really nice eyemask from my auntie which I love ! It’s sparkly and glittery and just amazing ! The eyemask is from urban outfitters if you’re interested!


I also got some pyjamas,because who doesn’t love pyjamas? And she got me the most gorgeous lipstick from Paul & Joe . You get the lipstick and case separately , and I was lucky enough to get both! As you can see it is so so beautiful!

From my grandma I got the Benefit ‘sugar glam fairies’ makeup set which included: ‘porefessional’ primer , ‘they’re real’ mascara , ‘hoola’ bronzer and a mini ‘benetint’.

From my friends to mot lots of lush bits like ‘snow angel’ and ‘five gold rings’. I also got some of the Tanya Burr nail polishes which are amazing by the way! 

Lastly from my other Grandma I got a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume set ! I must admit I squealed when I saw this I was soooo excited! 

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed this post! Have a happy new year and I will see you in 2016!

Thanks for reading!

Remember all is rosy! X

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New year!

Hi everybody , you may of noticed that I haven’t posted I an extremely long time. I had lots of Plans to do loads of Christmassy DIY blog posts and make my blog Christmas crazy! But that didn’t happen and I don’t know where the time went ! I am really sorry for not posting and i want to make it my 2016 mission to get back into my blog and I also have a goal of reaching 200 followers ! I would be extremely grateful if some of you left some tips on how you maintain your blog and how you fit it in with the rest of your life. 

Please stick with me as I’m going to make this blog amazing ! 

Remember all is rosy ! X