A Little Haul ✿

I know it’s a Saturday and I upload a post every Monday , but I wanted to do a little bonus post and show some bits I have picked up recently!

So the first thing that I got is this maroon Jack Wills zip up jumper. I got it in the sale for £29 and it’s a really warm , good quality jumper. Also because of the colour I think it goes with everything and I have already worn it a lot. Sadly this colour is no longer available online but you should check out the other colours if you’re interested!

Next up , my friend really kindly gave me the Benefit ‘they’re real primer’. If (like me) your eyelashes are very flat , this would be perfect for you! It boosts your lashes really well and works amazingly with the ‘they’re real mascara’.

I purchased a hand sanitizer and some wet wipes just to pop in my bag , and if you’re like me and love watermelon scent try the Wilko hand sanitizer as it smells just like watermelons.

There was an offer on in Tescos , on Nivea products so I picked up the Nivea ‘micellar water’. I have only tried the Garnier water before this and I have to say this Nivea one is just as good , if not better.I have found it really moisturises my eyes and makes them feel really nice.

Next I just repurchased the Rimmel ‘wake me up’ concealer , as it really rids your under eye bags and makes your skin look a lot brighter.

I got the SuperDrug ‘de-stressing mud mask’ , as it was on offer and I have been wanting to try a mud mask for ages.I am really impressed with this one l as it made my skin feel so smooth and got rid of blackheads.

Lastly , I got the Aussie dry shampoo , as I’ve tried some of their hair are products before and I needed a new dry shampoo. I am yet to try this , but it looks good! 
Thanks for reading , I hope you enjoyed my haul ! 

Remember all is rosy! X

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Winter Essentials ✿

So as you may or may not know I don’t really mind winter , but there is some things about winter I find unbearable. Like the dry chapped lips and the constant feeling of being cold ( I also don’t like the rain but it rains all year round ). Here are some products and things that I find makes winter that bit more bearable and enjoyable. So if you’re a hater of the cold months then try some of these and see if they help at all!

The first things I find that help a lot are warm drinks. Of course hot chocolate is the first option beciase it warm chocolate – what more could you want? But if you’re after a more sophisticated drink then this chai latte is the best! It’s creamy and sweet and delicious but it doesn’t feel as bad for you as a hot chocolate.

One of my favourite things to do when I’m cold is to snuggle up with a blanket and watch some Netflix. Some shows I love are Pretty Litte liars ( obviously) , Gossip girl ( love love love) and 90210. I’m a big fan of American shows and love some mysteries,if you have any Netflix faves please let me know because  I want something to watch next!

To try and battle the dry skin and lips that comes with the cold I would definitely stock up on lotions and moisturisers. I love the Baylis and hardy moisturisers as they smell really clean and fresh , but I also love Body shop ones because of just how moisturising they are. For lips I would always suggest Eos lip balms but I do also love Baby lips (especially watermelon).

The last things I would suggest is big fluffy socks and the cosiest hat you can find. My hat is from Marks and Spencer’s and its so warm and so cosy and I look forward to putting It on!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it made you like winter a little more.Right now it’s freezing where I am, so I’m going to fix myself a hot chocolate and watch an episode of Gossip Girl! X

Remember all is rosy! X

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Lush Five Gold Rings Review ✿

For Christmas from one of my friends I got the lush five gold rings which I was very excited about. It’s from Lush, which is a company that hand makes bath and beauty products. They strongly disagree with animal testing, and all of their products are Fairtrade. Their products are 100% vegetarian and 60% vegan. This makes using the product even more beneficial, because you know it’s not harming anyone or anything and is good for you and your body.

So this product contains 5 small ‘bubble bars’ which just crumble in your hands under the running tap to create big bubbles and a nice smell to your bath.
It is a really nice looking product, it’s lovely and sparkly and orange and I thought it looked very Christmassy. I like the name, because it’s a well-known Christmas song and I just think it makes it a really nice light hearted present. However I was expecting a really nice cinnamon-y scent and it is quite a fresh strong scent (I’m not very good at describing scents). But because of the scent I think it could be a product that you could use all year round. It costs £4.95 which I think is a good price for lush, bearing in mind this will last you 5 baths.

Without actually using this product, my rating would be 7/10

Once in the bath, I found it did create lots of bubbles and give off a nice but not very intense aroma. It also gave a yellowy colour to the water which I wasn’t that keen on. The smell didn’t last that long on the skin, but the water was really soft and my skin felt quite moisturised after wards.


So my overall view on this product is that it would make a really nice present for someone and I think it looks like a really thoughtful and luxury gift, but it doesn’t give the best smell or colour once used.

My overall rating is 7/10 ✿

Thanks for reading!

Remember all is rosy! x

Lash Sensational or Roller Lash? ✿

A few months back, it was like there was a mascara revolution. Put down the eyelash curlers, roller lash is here! Benefit cosmetics created this amazing new mascara that everyone hyped about. So being someone with unbelievably flat eyelashes I thought I had to try it! This mascara is priced at £19.50, which for mascara I think is quite expensive. Looks wise, I think the roller lash looks quite expensive and I like the colour of the lid. I like the link to retro hair curlers and I am quite impressed with the product looks wise. However the actual product I’m not keen on.I don’t think that it’s worth the money, it is good mascara but I still think you need eyelash curlers to get the best result.

Then came the drugstore alternative: Maybelline Lash Sensational. This is a lot cheaper, at £7.99. I only brought this, because I needed a mascara to take on holiday and this one was on offer so I picked it up. I thought I would give it a try before taking it away on holiday and the first thing I noticed is how similar the brushes are on this and the roller lash. The only slight difference is that the lash sensational is slightly fatter which I like. I found this mascara did an amazing job, it really lifted my lashes and lengthened them and made much more of a difference than the roller lash. Again I really liked the packaging on this (not as much as the roller lash) it is a rose gold colour and I think it looks really expensive for a drugstore product.

From the picture you can see how similar the wands are, they’re both plastic and both have a curve in them. I find that the lash sensational has a lot more product on the wand than the roller lash which is a slight downfall, because if you’re not careful it can go a bit clumped. I find that both mascaras are very long lasting and both good products.

Here’s some advice if you want to try the roller lash or can’t quite bring yourself to replace your existing one, stop and try the lash sensational instead. It is so much cheaper, and in my opinion a lot better! You also got more products in the lash sensational so it is definitely a lot better value! So before you go out and get the roller lash try the lash sensational, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Thanks for reading! See you next week x
Remember all is rosy! X

Full Night Time Skincare Routine ✿

So during the Christmas holidays, I find myself eating a scary amount of chocolate and forgetting that vegetables actually exist. All this unhealthy eating has a bad impact on my skin and it gets to January and I’m like right lets sort this out. This is my full night time skincare routine, I am doing this blog post not only to show you, but also to remind myself to keep on taking care of my skin. So without further ado, my skincare routine!



1. To get rid of tough mascara or nasty eyeliner I use this ‘garnier micellar water’, I adore this product , as its quite cheap and completely gets rid of any leftover makeup. The only slight downfall is that it can sometimes leave your skin feeling sticky sometimes if you don’t wash your face afterwards.

2. I wash my face will the ‘cetaphil’ facewash, one that I have loved for a very long time. I just smother it onto my dry face and rinse of using warm water and a hot cloth. Not only does this rid you of any leftover makeup, it also leaves your skin feeling lovely and moisturised once pat dried.

3. Now I only use these strips once a week (if that!), when I want to give my skin and good old pamper. These make a noticeable difference and I think are a really good product! You can get these anywhere so definitely pick some up and give them a try!
I just like to wait a little while before doing anything else to my face, to give it a bit of a breather, I do find this helps, because after having makeup on all day it’s nice just to let your skin breathe for a while.

4. So now I take this ‘Nivea’ night cream and apply all over my face, it’s a very thick cream, but works a treat!

5. Lastly, I just pop some witch-hazel on my problem areas as I find it really cleans and calms your skin!


Thanks for reading, I hoped it helped some of you who are having a battle with chocolate and skin and I will see you next Monday!

Remember all is Rosy! X

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Update ! 

Hi guys , this is just a quick random post where I wanted to let you know a few things.
First of all I’m trying to post every single week , on a Monday at 18:30 gmt. This doesn’t mean there will never be any bonus post but there will definitely be one a week at that time. If I find it very easy to post once a week , I will the try and post twice and week and build it up ( you know what I mean). So that’s exciting news number 1.
Next up , I wanted to let you know that each month I will be posting a monthly favourites. But I don’t want it to be boring and repetitive so it will either be 3 things for example a beauty item , a random favourite and a food favourite or my top 5 fave things. For example top 5 songs of the month , top 5 lip products – you get my gist.
And lastly I’m half way to 100 followers , and I want to do something exciting when I reach 100 followers so if you have any ideas , let me know !

Also , you may have noticed that the layout is different , and thats because i wanted a new modern design! Let me know if you like it !
Thanks for reading this update , I want you to be as involved as possible !
Remember all is rosy! X