Full Night Time Skincare Routine ✿

So during the Christmas holidays, I find myself eating a scary amount of chocolate and forgetting that vegetables actually exist. All this unhealthy eating has a bad impact on my skin and it gets to January and I’m like right lets sort this out. This is my full night time skincare routine, I am doing this blog post not only to show you, but also to remind myself to keep on taking care of my skin. So without further ado, my skincare routine!



1. To get rid of tough mascara or nasty eyeliner I use this ‘garnier micellar water’, I adore this product , as its quite cheap and completely gets rid of any leftover makeup. The only slight downfall is that it can sometimes leave your skin feeling sticky sometimes if you don’t wash your face afterwards.

2. I wash my face will the ‘cetaphil’ facewash, one that I have loved for a very long time. I just smother it onto my dry face and rinse of using warm water and a hot cloth. Not only does this rid you of any leftover makeup, it also leaves your skin feeling lovely and moisturised once pat dried.

3. Now I only use these strips once a week (if that!), when I want to give my skin and good old pamper. These make a noticeable difference and I think are a really good product! You can get these anywhere so definitely pick some up and give them a try!
I just like to wait a little while before doing anything else to my face, to give it a bit of a breather, I do find this helps, because after having makeup on all day it’s nice just to let your skin breathe for a while.

4. So now I take this ‘Nivea’ night cream and apply all over my face, it’s a very thick cream, but works a treat!

5. Lastly, I just pop some witch-hazel on my problem areas as I find it really cleans and calms your skin!


Thanks for reading, I hoped it helped some of you who are having a battle with chocolate and skin and I will see you next Monday!

Remember all is Rosy! X

Twitter: _allisrosy

Instagram: _allisrosy


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