Update ! 

Hi guys , this is just a quick random post where I wanted to let you know a few things.
First of all I’m trying to post every single week , on a Monday at 18:30 gmt. This doesn’t mean there will never be any bonus post but there will definitely be one a week at that time. If I find it very easy to post once a week , I will the try and post twice and week and build it up ( you know what I mean). So that’s exciting news number 1.
Next up , I wanted to let you know that each month I will be posting a monthly favourites. But I don’t want it to be boring and repetitive so it will either be 3 things for example a beauty item , a random favourite and a food favourite or my top 5 fave things. For example top 5 songs of the month , top 5 lip products – you get my gist.
And lastly I’m half way to 100 followers , and I want to do something exciting when I reach 100 followers so if you have any ideas , let me know !

Also , you may have noticed that the layout is different , and thats because i wanted a new modern design! Let me know if you like it !
Thanks for reading this update , I want you to be as involved as possible !
Remember all is rosy! X


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