Lash Sensational or Roller Lash? ✿

A few months back, it was like there was a mascara revolution. Put down the eyelash curlers, roller lash is here! Benefit cosmetics created this amazing new mascara that everyone hyped about. So being someone with unbelievably flat eyelashes I thought I had to try it! This mascara is priced at £19.50, which for mascara I think is quite expensive. Looks wise, I think the roller lash looks quite expensive and I like the colour of the lid. I like the link to retro hair curlers and I am quite impressed with the product looks wise. However the actual product I’m not keen on.I don’t think that it’s worth the money, it is good mascara but I still think you need eyelash curlers to get the best result.

Then came the drugstore alternative: Maybelline Lash Sensational. This is a lot cheaper, at £7.99. I only brought this, because I needed a mascara to take on holiday and this one was on offer so I picked it up. I thought I would give it a try before taking it away on holiday and the first thing I noticed is how similar the brushes are on this and the roller lash. The only slight difference is that the lash sensational is slightly fatter which I like. I found this mascara did an amazing job, it really lifted my lashes and lengthened them and made much more of a difference than the roller lash. Again I really liked the packaging on this (not as much as the roller lash) it is a rose gold colour and I think it looks really expensive for a drugstore product.

From the picture you can see how similar the wands are, they’re both plastic and both have a curve in them. I find that the lash sensational has a lot more product on the wand than the roller lash which is a slight downfall, because if you’re not careful it can go a bit clumped. I find that both mascaras are very long lasting and both good products.

Here’s some advice if you want to try the roller lash or can’t quite bring yourself to replace your existing one, stop and try the lash sensational instead. It is so much cheaper, and in my opinion a lot better! You also got more products in the lash sensational so it is definitely a lot better value! So before you go out and get the roller lash try the lash sensational, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Thanks for reading! See you next week x
Remember all is rosy! X


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