Lush Five Gold Rings Review ✿

For Christmas from one of my friends I got the lush five gold rings which I was very excited about. It’s from Lush, which is a company that hand makes bath and beauty products. They strongly disagree with animal testing, and all of their products are Fairtrade. Their products are 100% vegetarian and 60% vegan. This makes using the product even more beneficial, because you know it’s not harming anyone or anything and is good for you and your body.

So this product contains 5 small ‘bubble bars’ which just crumble in your hands under the running tap to create big bubbles and a nice smell to your bath.
It is a really nice looking product, it’s lovely and sparkly and orange and I thought it looked very Christmassy. I like the name, because it’s a well-known Christmas song and I just think it makes it a really nice light hearted present. However I was expecting a really nice cinnamon-y scent and it is quite a fresh strong scent (I’m not very good at describing scents). But because of the scent I think it could be a product that you could use all year round. It costs £4.95 which I think is a good price for lush, bearing in mind this will last you 5 baths.

Without actually using this product, my rating would be 7/10

Once in the bath, I found it did create lots of bubbles and give off a nice but not very intense aroma. It also gave a yellowy colour to the water which I wasn’t that keen on. The smell didn’t last that long on the skin, but the water was really soft and my skin felt quite moisturised after wards.


So my overall view on this product is that it would make a really nice present for someone and I think it looks like a really thoughtful and luxury gift, but it doesn’t give the best smell or colour once used.

My overall rating is 7/10 ✿

Thanks for reading!

Remember all is rosy! x


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