January favourites ✿

So January has flown by and we have already had a whole month of 2016 (what?!?) . I felt it necessary to do a monthly favourites and show you three products that I have been loving this month! 


The beauty item I have been loving this month is the ‘Benefit Porefessional’. I find myself reaching for it whenever I do my makeup. I find it makes your makeup glide on and it makes your makeup last longer. Not just that but I think it smells really nice aswell.I’m not suprised at how amazing this is , because all of Benefits products that I’ve tried I love. This is quite expensive but i think its really worth it !

Here’s a link to it if you’re interested! : http://www.lookfantastic.com/benefit-the-porefessional-primer-22ml/10552666.html

My random favourite of the month is the Lee Stafford ‘hair that never grows past a certain length’ treatment. I’ve never tried any Lee Stafford hair products before , and I was really amazed by this one. I use it every other hair wash and I find it makes my hair last longer and my hair doesn’t get greasy at all after using this.Not just that it’s made my hair look really healthy and it has grown alamlimgly quickly haha! Again this isn’t the cheapest hair treatment but I this a product that I was re-buy and re-buy because of how brilliant it is!

Here’s the link!! : http://www.international.boots.com/en/Lee-Stafford-Hair-Growth-Treatment-Pink-200ml_854442/
My last favourite is pink smarties. It’s kind of a tradition every Christmas for my auntie to get me and my sister these and I’d forgotten just how delicious they are! 
Thankyou for reading , I hope you had a great month!

Remember all is rosy! X

Twitter – _allisrosy

Instagram – _allisrosy


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