How I clean my Makeup Brushes ✿

Quite a while back I shared my Makeup brush collection , so I thought today I would share how I keep them and wash them. I’m not an expert on makeup , but this is what I have found to be most effective. 

To start of with , I collect all of my brushes and I also grab some baby shampoo. I use baby shampoo because it’s cheap and it hasn’t got any bad ingredients in that could harm my brushes. I normally go for the Johnsons baby shampoo and the little bottle has lasted me ages! 

So I just run my brushes through warm water first without any other products. I then squirt a little bit of baby shampoo on the brush and just swirl it round in my palm to get rid of some of the dirt. I then run the brush under the tap until the water runs clear and there’s no more dirt left on the brush.

I follow these steps for all of my brushes and make sure they’re washed thoroughly. You need to make sure you get all of the shampoo out , because if not the bristles are a bit clumpy and sticky and the brush does not work the same – this happened to me before and I freaked out slightly haha !

I then just leave my brushes to dry on my windowsill. I normally do my makeup in the morning , wash my brushes straight after and they’re dry the next morning. Make sure you allow a while for them to dry though , because there’s nothing worse than soggy brushes! 

Thankyou for reading , i hope this helped you if you were looking for a cheap and easy way to clean your brushes, and I will see you soon! X

Remember all is rosy! X
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