February Favourites! ✿

February is over ( well almost) and this month for me has been quite exciting!  It’s been pancake day , half term and many of my family members birthday! So in this busy month , I have found some new favourites things that I would like to share with you! 


First of all , I have been OBSESSED with Gossip Girl I’m only on season 3 , but I absolutely love it! My favourite character is definitely Blair ! Also I’m really worried about what to watch afterwards , so let me know you’re favourite Tv shows so I can give them a watch!

A few weeks back , I did a haul post and I mentioned a mud mask. So now I’ve been able to try it and test and I love it! It makes my skin feel so soft and help to soothe any angry bits on my skin! 

Next up , for Christmas I got a sleek lipstick and I actually forgot about it until the start of this month and now I use it so much. The colour I use is Bon Bon and I its just a perfect nude shade.I’m definitely going to buy some other shades as I love the consistency of this one! 

And last of all , I was so excited to get this Amazon stick! I know it’s a bit sad but I had a Tv for ages but no aerial so I got this to watch Netflix on , and you can actually watch live Tv on it aswell! I have been watching so much TV becuase of this , but I’m not complaining haha! 

Thanks for reading  hope you all had a good February! 
Remember all is rosy! X

Instagram : _allisrosy 

Twitter : _allisrosy


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