8 Simple Hairstyles ✿

One thing that I love doing is hair. I just find it so satisfying and I love being able to have a different look each day! So today I thought I would share with you 8 looks I love and that are really simple to do! 

This one is so easy , all you have to do it section off the top half. Then just run your fingers through to make sure it sits smoothly . Then just plait hair down and you’ve got yourself a really simple but cute hairstyle!


Again another really easy look , just grab the two front sections of your hair and tie back.Then just flip the hair over its self and you’ve got a lovely twisted braid.

To create another look from this look , all you have to do is plait the rest of your hair down your back. I think this hairstyle ( below) looks so pretty and is so simple!

Next is this gorgeous fishtail braid. All you do , is split your hair at the back into 2 sections. Then take a small section from one half and put into the other half. Then do the same for the next half and repeat this step until all your hair is used up! And wa la – a lovely braid ! 

This look isn’t the most extravagant , but it’s a good way to keep your hair off of your face. This is quite obvious , all you do is section of the top half of your hair and tie – that is it , easy peasy !

Again from this you can create another look from this one. But this time you can create 2! 
All you do for the next hair style , is take the the hair that’s tied up twist round it’s self into a bun shape and tie (below) ! I love this look for some reason it reminds me of a rose!

So you could leave your hair in this style , or you could do one last step and make a whole new look! All you do , is take the hair thats down and wrap it around the bun and tie (below) . The reason I love doing this , is becuase it makes a really elegant bun and it helps me a lot , as I have really thick hair so it makes the bun a lot more secure and sturdy – so that’s a tip for thick haired people!

And for the last hairstyle , all you do is a double twist! Just like the second hair style take the two front sections Tie back and twist.the only difference is , you do it twice to make this gorgeous crown like hair style!

Thanks so much for reading , hope you liked these hairstyles!

Remember all is rosy! X

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Easter treats ✿

Today I thought I would share with you a rather indulgent Easter treat , be warned this contains lots of chocolate ! I’m going to be showing you how to make a delicious Easter fridge cake ! 


First of all gather any food related Easter goodies. With this you can add as many chocolates or sweets as you like – go crazy! 

Next, in a pan , melt syrup ( 4 table spoons ) , margarine ( 4 ounces) and cocoa powder ( 4 tablespoons). Melt until it’s a smooth runny liquid – but make sure you don’t burn it ! 

Add a packet of digestive biscuits , I don’t have a measurement  for this I normally just add until the mixture is sticky and holds together well.

Then line a square tin with tinfoil and add your mixture .


Here comes the fun part , pat down the mixture and then push in mini eggs and sweeties and jelly beans and whatever you like really ! I added some jelly beans , some mini eggs and I also added some chopped up jelly rabbits ! I wanted to make this cake similar to the Cadbury marvellous creation , which I why I added some gelly sweeties.

Make sure you pat down on the mixture really hard, so it sticks together ,Then just leave in the fridge for an hour or so.

Once out of the fridge melt some chocolate (   do enough to cover the cake with a thick layer ). Then Decorate how you wish , add sprinkles and bunnies and whatever you like to make the perfect Easter cake!


Thanks for reading , I hope you all have a great Easter and get lots of chocolate! 
Remember all is rosy ! X

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Pamper Night In ✿

I didn’t know about you , but every once and again I like to have a good old pamper. So let me talk you through my perfect pamper evening at the moment!

First of all I like to have a big bath , and I normally use a Lush product. The lush product I used is Snow Angel ,which smells delicious !


Then when I come out I normally moisturise with a Body Shop Body Butter. For Christmas I got the sugared Apple one and it smells so good! 


After moisturising , I like to grab a hot chocolate or cup of tea. I also pop a face mask on, paint my nails and relax.

After washing off my facemask , I like to fix myself a snack , get in my pajamas and read a book or watch some TV.

My favourite chocolate is Cadbury marvellous creations ! It’s so delicious!

As you can tell from the picture , I’m wearing Christmas pajamas as they’re my favourite and they’re so cosy! 

So after pampering my skin , and fixing myself some yummy snacks , I feel nicely pampered and ready to sit down and watch something good on telly.The shows I have been loving , are ‘call the midwife’ , ‘Casualty and ‘the 100’. Let me know some of your favourite  shows , I’d love to start watching a new series! 

Thanks for reading my pamper routine ! Hope you enjoyed !

Remember all is rosy! X

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Spring Cupcakes ✿

Hey guys , I’m excited today to show you some delicious Spring cupcakes myself and Siesta Bay Blog (go follow her blog !) made! These cupcakes were so yummy and looked perfect for the bright season! 


So first of all , we measured out all of the ingredients ( this is to make 12 cupcakes ) –

You will need:

4 Eggs 

225g caster sugar 

225g self-raising flour 

2tsp baking powder 

225g Baking spread / butter 

We just put all of the ingedients into the bowl – but we sieved the flower ! 

And whisk it up with an electric whisk till its light and creamy.

Pop in cupcakes cases and bake for 25 minutes with the oven at 18oc 

Once out and cooled it’s time for the best bit – icing !!

We choose a really bright yellow , because that screams Spring but you can choose whatever colour that tickles your fancy! 

Just use a big nozzle in a piping bag and pipe a swirl on top of the cupcake.

And if you want you can decorate it with fondant shapes , we chose flowers as they looked pretty cool! 


Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed , please let us know if you tried these out and also check out my friends blog as its amazing ! 
Remember all is rosy ! X
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Jewellery Collection & Storage ✿

Today I wanted to share with you some of my jewellery pieces. Most of them are from places like Topshop and Accesorize , but these are my favourite jewellery items!

Storage first , I a while ago I got this gorgeous jewellery box in the pretty pink colour.The brand is called ‘Bungalow’ . It’s leather on the outside , and has grey material inside.Inside it’s very soft and has 4 compartments.

I really love geometric jewellery, the triangular necklace (on the left of the picture) is from Brandy Melville and is possibly my absolute favourite necklace.

I also have a leather Pandora bracelet , in brown leather which i love!! 

And I have lots of bits from Accesorize , like the smaller triangular necklace (on the bottom right of the picture).

For my birthday a few years ago , I got  a personalised necklace from’tatty devine’. They’re pieces are really pretty and they have a really cool Instagram! 

I don’t have the most rings , but the ones I have , I love. The circular ring is my absolute favourite rings , I love it and that’s from Brandy Melville. If you’re looking for some nice affordable jewellery try Brandy Melville as they’re Jewellery is gorgeous and so cheap!
So that’s a few of my favourite jewellery items , I hope you enjoyed this post.Let me know some of your favourite Jewellery shops! Thanks for reading!
Remember all is rosy! X
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HUGE haul! ✿

Throughout the past few weeks , I have been purchasing quite a lot of things, and I  wanted to give you a sneak peak at what I have been picking up!

So to start with beauty , my Auntie kindly gifted me some benefit goodies! Seen as Benefit is my favourite makeup brand , I was screaming inside when she gave them to me!She gave me the ‘it’s potent eye cream’ and ‘total moisture facial cream’. I’ve tired the eye cream and it’s amazing , but I’m yet to try the moisturiser.

She also gave me the ‘Porefessional license to blot ‘ . Which I have tried and I love love love. It just mattifies any oily areas and they stay Matt all day! I also got an ‘air patrol primer’ tester , which I’m excited to try.

Also Starbucks and benefit teamed up to make these really cute Starbucks sleeves and they’re also buy on get one free Starbucks drinks,and I got two of those so I can go and get a Starbucks soon (yum)! 

The last thing that my Auntie gifted me , was a hair mask from ‘Wella’. This is a ‘Brilliance’ mask , so let’s hope it makes my hair brilliant! This smells amazing and who doesn’t love a hair treatment to try?

In the first picture you can see two circular hair clips , I brought these from Primark for just £1. The reason I got these , were because they reminded me of the geometric hair slides from urban outfitters ,which  are so cool and so easy to change up a hairstyle! They’re very pretty , but after trying them I’ve realised they’re low quality and bend out of shape easily.


The last two makeup things I brought myself , is the Garnier BB cream and also the Rimmel liquid cheek tint! These are two products I know I love and just wanted to get some new ones!

Now on to clothes!!… 

My family went to Dubai recently , and brought me back this gorgeous pashmina. Its so soft and the patterns and colours are just so pretty! I think this will look great with a simple outfit , to brighten it up and add some interest to the look!

From Primark I got two of these stretchy roll neck tops , just to wear under things and just as staple tops really.They were so cheap at around £4 and I’ve already worn them both a lot!


And the last thing I got , is this gorgeous corduroy dungaree. It was such a bargain from Marks and Spencer at just £14! I really love this and it goes really nicely with the black roll neck jumper I got!


Thanks for reading this huge haul , I hope you enjoyed it! I must say I brought an awful lot (oops) ! 

Remember all is rosy! X

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