Jewellery Collection & Storage ✿

Today I wanted to share with you some of my jewellery pieces. Most of them are from places like Topshop and Accesorize , but these are my favourite jewellery items!

Storage first , I a while ago I got this gorgeous jewellery box in the pretty pink colour.The brand is called ‘Bungalow’ . It’s leather on the outside , and has grey material inside.Inside it’s very soft and has 4 compartments.

I really love geometric jewellery, the triangular necklace (on the left of the picture) is from Brandy Melville and is possibly my absolute favourite necklace.

I also have a leather Pandora bracelet , in brown leather which i love!! 

And I have lots of bits from Accesorize , like the smaller triangular necklace (on the bottom right of the picture).

For my birthday a few years ago , I got  a personalised necklace from’tatty devine’. They’re pieces are really pretty and they have a really cool Instagram! 

I don’t have the most rings , but the ones I have , I love. The circular ring is my absolute favourite rings , I love it and that’s from Brandy Melville. If you’re looking for some nice affordable jewellery try Brandy Melville as they’re Jewellery is gorgeous and so cheap!
So that’s a few of my favourite jewellery items , I hope you enjoyed this post.Let me know some of your favourite Jewellery shops! Thanks for reading!
Remember all is rosy! X
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