Pamper Night In ✿

I didn’t know about you , but every once and again I like to have a good old pamper. So let me talk you through my perfect pamper evening at the moment!

First of all I like to have a big bath , and I normally use a Lush product. The lush product I used is Snow Angel ,which smells delicious !


Then when I come out I normally moisturise with a Body Shop Body Butter. For Christmas I got the sugared Apple one and it smells so good! 


After moisturising , I like to grab a hot chocolate or cup of tea. I also pop a face mask on, paint my nails and relax.

After washing off my facemask , I like to fix myself a snack , get in my pajamas and read a book or watch some TV.

My favourite chocolate is Cadbury marvellous creations ! It’s so delicious!

As you can tell from the picture , I’m wearing Christmas pajamas as they’re my favourite and they’re so cosy! 

So after pampering my skin , and fixing myself some yummy snacks , I feel nicely pampered and ready to sit down and watch something good on telly.The shows I have been loving , are ‘call the midwife’ , ‘Casualty and ‘the 100’. Let me know some of your favourite  shows , I’d love to start watching a new series! 

Thanks for reading my pamper routine ! Hope you enjoyed !

Remember all is rosy! X

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Twitter: _allisrosy


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