Easter treats ✿

Today I thought I would share with you a rather indulgent Easter treat , be warned this contains lots of chocolate ! I’m going to be showing you how to make a delicious Easter fridge cake ! 


First of all gather any food related Easter goodies. With this you can add as many chocolates or sweets as you like – go crazy! 

Next, in a pan , melt syrup ( 4 table spoons ) , margarine ( 4 ounces) and cocoa powder ( 4 tablespoons). Melt until it’s a smooth runny liquid – but make sure you don’t burn it ! 

Add a packet of digestive biscuits , I don’t have a measurement  for this I normally just add until the mixture is sticky and holds together well.

Then line a square tin with tinfoil and add your mixture .


Here comes the fun part , pat down the mixture and then push in mini eggs and sweeties and jelly beans and whatever you like really ! I added some jelly beans , some mini eggs and I also added some chopped up jelly rabbits ! I wanted to make this cake similar to the Cadbury marvellous creation , which I why I added some gelly sweeties.

Make sure you pat down on the mixture really hard, so it sticks together ,Then just leave in the fridge for an hour or so.

Once out of the fridge melt some chocolate (   do enough to cover the cake with a thick layer ). Then Decorate how you wish , add sprinkles and bunnies and whatever you like to make the perfect Easter cake!


Thanks for reading , I hope you all have a great Easter and get lots of chocolate! 
Remember all is rosy ! X

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