8 Simple Hairstyles ✿

One thing that I love doing is hair. I just find it so satisfying and I love being able to have a different look each day! So today I thought I would share with you 8 looks I love and that are really simple to do! 

This one is so easy , all you have to do it section off the top half. Then just run your fingers through to make sure it sits smoothly . Then just plait hair down and you’ve got yourself a really simple but cute hairstyle!


Again another really easy look , just grab the two front sections of your hair and tie back.Then just flip the hair over its self and you’ve got a lovely twisted braid.

To create another look from this look , all you have to do is plait the rest of your hair down your back. I think this hairstyle ( below) looks so pretty and is so simple!

Next is this gorgeous fishtail braid. All you do , is split your hair at the back into 2 sections. Then take a small section from one half and put into the other half. Then do the same for the next half and repeat this step until all your hair is used up! And wa la – a lovely braid ! 

This look isn’t the most extravagant , but it’s a good way to keep your hair off of your face. This is quite obvious , all you do is section of the top half of your hair and tie – that is it , easy peasy !

Again from this you can create another look from this one. But this time you can create 2! 
All you do for the next hair style , is take the the hair that’s tied up twist round it’s self into a bun shape and tie (below) ! I love this look for some reason it reminds me of a rose!

So you could leave your hair in this style , or you could do one last step and make a whole new look! All you do , is take the hair thats down and wrap it around the bun and tie (below) . The reason I love doing this , is becuase it makes a really elegant bun and it helps me a lot , as I have really thick hair so it makes the bun a lot more secure and sturdy – so that’s a tip for thick haired people!

And for the last hairstyle , all you do is a double twist! Just like the second hair style take the two front sections Tie back and twist.the only difference is , you do it twice to make this gorgeous crown like hair style!

Thanks so much for reading , hope you liked these hairstyles!

Remember all is rosy! X

Instagram : _allisrosy 

Twitter : _allisrosy 


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