Easter Swapbox ✿

Hello , hope you all had a great Easter and ate lots of chocolate ! Myself and Siesta Bay Blog decided to celebrate with an Easter swapbox! We had a budget of £10 and filled up a bag or box with goodies!  

In this post you will be seeing what I received and if you want to find out what i  got siesta Bay , Click here.

So to begin with , I’ll start with food. First off I got a delicious handbaked cupcake (it was so yummy!). She also very kindly gave me so,e hour at and some different flavoured chocolates.The flavours are quite strange like ‘earl grey’ and ‘lavender’ , but the ones I’ve tried so far are delicious ! 

Moving onto makeup ,I was gifted two lipsticks .One from Rimmel in the shade ‘Nude delight’. This is a really pretty orangey nude , perfect for spring ! Those other one is from MUA , and this is a very light nude in the shade ’11’. This one is similar to Mac ‘velvet teddy’ which is so good as it’s a lot cheaper.

And the last thing I unboxed, is this ‘Collection eyebrow kit’. I’m super happy about receiving this , as I was in need of a new brow product and this was the one I was after ! 


As you can see I have given it a try and it is so good! It’s such an affordable price and it’s such good quality.The brush that it comes with is brilliant and the gel is also so good! This will definatley be repurchased , as it it amazing !

I’m extremely grateful for all of the goodies I got , it’s a lot more than an average Easter egg haha !

Thanks for reading , I hope you had a amazing Easter and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Remember all is rosy! X
Instagram : _allisrosy 

Twitter: _allisrosy 



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