Handbag Must Haves ✿

Hi everyone, today I thought I’d share with you some bits that I have to have in my handbag to get me through a day !

So the actual handbag I use , is this leather satchel from H&M. This was such a bargain , in the sale for just £7.99! It is quite small , but it fits everything in perfectly! I love this bag! 

As you can see it’s quite beaten , but I quite like it , I think it adds to the bag.

So moving on to what’s actually in the bag,of course I have my purse in the bag and I got this lovely one from Jarrolds actually!

As well as my purse , I have some headphones , in case I’m travelling and I want to listen to some music.

I have some chewing gum , just in case I fancy some. I like to have some chewing gum after eating food so I always have a pack in my bag.

Next I like to have some hand sanitizer, becuase you never know what your gong to  touch when your out and about and it’s just nice to have some in case there’s no toilet nearby.

I love to have a lip balm with me ,and i think Baby Lips are perfect.They give a little bit of colour , and are very moisturising.

I like to have some concealer , just in case I need to touch up my makeup through the out the day and I love the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer.

I always have some tissues in my bag , and also a body spray.The Ted Baker mini sprays are so good , as they’re a perfect size just to pop in you’re bag and they smell amazing!

And lastly , I like to have a snack in my bag , just in case I get hungry or need a pick me up!
Thanks for reading , hope you enjoyed this post ! Let me know your handbag must haves!
Remember all is rosy! X
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