Benefit Operation Pore-Proof : Review ✿

As a bigger lover of makeup when Benefit realised there pore-proof set a few months back I just had to give it a try.I love all the Benefit mini things as they really help to decide what to buy and wether to purchase it full size! 

So Benefit pore – proof set , is it worth £28 ? 

Inside the set you get 5 mini products:

– The porefessional pro balm 

– The porefessional license to blot 

– Shy beam 

– Dr Feel Good 

– The porefessional Agent zero shine ( and a mini brush ) 

The porefessional pro balm is something I love it’s an amazing product and something I will keep on repurchasing so I think this is a good product to put in so people can test it out.

Again the porefessional license to blot is good to try out.However it is ridiculously small and there is a lot of packaging with a tiny amount of product ! 

The shy beam is good ,nice amount , generally a good product. It adds a subtle natural glow to the skin and definitely works wonders with the rest of the products.

The Feel good is something I’m unsure of. The set guides you to put that on 3rd but sometimes the makeup comes off with the sponge and it’s just not great application wise.The actual product is really nice and soothing.

The agent zero shine is something I’m not the keenest on packaging wise. Becuase it is a mini it is hard to get the product out and onto the brush without making a mess.

With all the products in the set , I don’t think it’s worth £28 I think it should be quite a lot cheaper ,as they are only minis and there are a few design flaws.

What’s the packaging like ?

As I touched on earlier , some of the products packaging aren’t great.But the actual box does make up for it .Its a very sturdy high quality box with nice colours and imagery.

Inside there is a big mirror on the lid and a step by step guide of how to apply the products which I think is so helpful for people who have never used any of the products before – I certainly found it very helpful ! 


Would you repurchase ?

I would repurchase if I had a little discount like 10 or 20%. I love the Benefits sets as they’re a great way of finding new products without having to buy the full size. However I think it is a very high price for a product that does need some improvements .


 Without a doubt , Benefit is my favourite makeup brand , I think the packaging is of a high quality and I think all the products look really nice.However I think it is a high price , too high for some products. This set has amazing products in , products that I will repurchase , but some slight tweaks will just make it completely perfect.

Overall I would rate this set 8/10 
Thanks for reading this very long post ! Do you have any Benefit products ,what do you think to them ? 

Remember all is rosy ! X 
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Twitter : _allisrosy 


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