A week of outfits! ✿

Hi guys , coming at you today with a very exciting post , one that I’ve never done before .. A week of outfits! I’m no fashion guru , but I thought if I showed you what i wore this week it may give you some inspiration or if your like me it may just make you do a huge online shop for clothes that you probably  didn’t need! Anyway enough of my rambling , let me show what I wore this week! 

Outfit 1 –

I wore a simple black long sleeved tee from primark which I think was around £2 these are just basic things in my wardrobe and I wear them so often. That day I paired it with a flowery skirt from Topshop and I got this in the sale for I believe about £8-£10. I threw over a black flowey cardigan from H&M which was about £7.99. 

Outfit 2 – 

This day I wore some jeans from Jack Wills I got these in the sale quite a while ago and I’m not sure how much they are.I do remember them being a bargain , so keep an eye out in the Jack Wills sale. For my top I wore this really sweet baseball style tee from Topshop , I’m not sure how much this was as my sister got it for me ( ❤️) but I do know it supports cancer which makes it even better.I really love this top as its so comfortable but not too casual.

Outfit 3- 

I LOVE this dress so much.This is quite a new dress , I got it from the Topshop sale for about £8-£10. I don’t know what the material is , but it’s so lovely. the dress is figure hugging without being too tight, it has long sleeves , a gorgeous design AND  it’s has really pretty frills on the sleeve and in a bib shape on the chest. I adore this dress.

How cute are the sleeves ? 

Outfit 4 –

Again I’m wearing a stretchy long sleeved tee from Primark – these are such a staple for me! I am also wearing this oversized maroon jumper from H&M. I was looking for one of these for ages and I finally found this one.I remember it being quite prcicey at about £15-£18. My skirt was also from the jack Wills sale . If you know me you know how much I love checks and this skirt is one of my absolute favourite things in my wardrobe.

Outfit 5 – 

So this outfit was for when I was going to a christening to be a Godmother and my mum kindly treated me to this lovely dress from Jack Wills.Its a super pretty flowery dress which is good for a family occasion. I paired this with the H&M Cardigan that I mentioned earlier.

Outfit 6-

How cute is is little dungaree style skirt from Hollister ? I got this in the sale for around £10-£15 and I just love it.I wear it so often and it’s such a comfy but cool item.I then paired this with a Primark long sleeved tee ( what a suprise) and a maroon zip up hoody. This is such an easy outfit to throw on but you look like you’ve made an effort which i love! 

Outfit 7- 

The sun finally made a visit that day , so I braved it and went bare arms with this sweet tee from Topshop. I love the little speech bubble saying ‘hello’ I think it just adds a nice fun element. I got this for my birthday so I’m not sure on the price. The maroon high waisted jeans are from River Island , but my sister gave me these so again I’m unsure of the price!

So that’s all of my outfits for the week , let me know if you enjoyed and thanks for reading !
Remember all is rosy! 
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