Makeup , Baking & Decorating ✿

Today I’m sharing with you a day in life! I feel like I haven’t done one of these in absolutely ages , so I thought I would show you what I got up to today! 

For makeup , I went for a cat eye and a bright lip ! I also used my new *squeals* contour kit which is in fact very good! I also used one of my favourite blushes , the Kiko top pairs blusher – this is so good!  

I then  sadly had to get on with some  work , but it wasn’t too bad is I sat in my lovely new desk area! 

I think working in a pretty place , makes it so much better and even enjoyable! 

After finishing all of my work , I thought the best way to relax was to do some baking. I made some fridge cake , and I have actually done a full recipe on that Here. I think this gets better each time , because it was so yummy!


For lunch I made my delicious Philadelphia pasta , and this is the nicest pasta ever and it’s so easy to make! 

Just drain some tinned sweetcorn , cut up some ham and grate some cheese.

Cook some pasta and then drain through the same collider you drained the sweetcorn through , for added flavour.

Stir through the Philadelphia while the pasta is still hot , add the other ingredients and it’s good to go! 

By no means is this the healthiest lunch , but it’s a nice easy treat every now and again. 

So i  was sat watching some youtube videos for a while , and I got on to room tours and it made  me feel really inspired to jazz up my own room. I had some postcards and posters just sat in a draw seo I dcided to stick them up on my wall using some pretty washi tape in the hope that it looked nice!

Im actually really pleased with how it ended up and it definatley makes a huge difference to my room and I’m super happy!

That’s pretty much all I did that day , I then just had some tea and relaxed and popped on a movie . I watched my all time favourite move ‘love rosie’it is such a funny , feel good movie that’s defiantly  worth a watch !

Thanks for reading , I hope you enjoyed hearing about my day! Let me know if you want me to carry on doing posts like this !

Remember all is rosy! X

Instagram: _allisrosy 

Twitter: _allisrosy


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