Brand Focus : Collection ✿

So I saw this idea whilst scrolling though the blogs I follow and it thought this was such I cool idea. I’ve chosen a makeup brand , and got together few bits I have from the brand and just go over what it’s like and wether it’s any good! The brand I chose today is collection but I think this is something I would like to do more often so look out for other brand focus’that I do.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this brand , it’s a super affordable drugstore brand , that sells all types of makeup. Its meant for teens , due to the low price and quite low quality packaging. This brand has done collaborations with bands like Little Mix and is generally a nice brand.

So here are all of the bits I’m going to be talking about today : 

Collection lasting perfection concealer – £4.19

This product is more on the pricey side for Collection , but is amazing! I’ve heard so many you tubers/bloggers rave about this stuff and I joined in with the hype. It’s very creamy and covers any imperfections perfectly.It doesn’t crease throughout the day or rub off. I’ve got through about 6 of these now and I shall keep on repurchasing as its a staple in my makeup collection.

Collection eyes uncovered nude palette – £3.99


I can say I’m very impressed with this product. This palette comes with 6 shades , 2 Matt and 4 glitters. You can make a really pretty eyelook from this pallet , one that I wear often and I love. It’s great for travelling , as its got cardboard packaging so it’s not very heavy and also it’s not very big.The slight downsides is that it hasn’t got a mirror  , but It has a got a really low price.The staying power of the eyeshadow isn’t amazing but the pigmentation makes up  for that!

Collection Pink strawberry lip balm – £1.99

I’m afraid this product is not something I can rave about. I got this free when purchasing something from collection a while ago and I can say it’s rubbish. This is the only lip product I’ve tried from collection , so the other ones may be better but this one is awful. There is a tiny amount of product and for £2 I’d expect more. Also it doesn’t moisturise your lips at all. The only positive is that the bright red colour last for ages – this would be good if it was a nice colour!

Collection Extreme hour felt tip liner – £2.99


Now when I brought this I’m pretty sure it was £1 , but none the less , this product is amazing ! It was my first ever eyeliner , and I would go out and buy it again. It’s super black , it doesn’t budge and it has a really precise point which makes it so easy to apply. The packaging looks quite high end !and the product it’s self , I think is worth more money. It does have a slightly odd smell , but it’s not that powerful so it doesn’t really bother me .If you’re looking for a cheap but amazing felt tip eyeliner , then this is perfect for you – highly recommend! 
Collection Eye Brow kit – £3.99

I love this pallet, it’s so affordable and such amazing quality.The brush it comes with is great , the gel is amazing , and the actual product beats any brow product I’ve tired. I’ve heard so many good reviews about this , and I can now understand why.This trio is also really good for eyeshadow .The packaging is sturdy and feels good quality which is great for the low price.

Collection Work the colour eyeshadow pencil – £3.19 


I got this when it was reduced and I think it was something silly like 50p. Now I’m very glad I didn’t pay full price , as its very dry and it doesn’t blend well at all. I’m quite disappointed with this , as the other eyeshadow pallet is really good , but this just really isn’t. The colour I have here is vintage rose , which is a really pretty colour , which is why it’s such a shame it’s so dry. Also I love the packaging ,   but the actual product is a let down .

Thanks for reading this rather long post! I hope you enjoyed , do you have any collection items? X 

Remember all is rosy! X
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