May Favourites! ✿

Hello everybody , hope you are all well! It baffles me that I’m writing my May favourites, it seems like the days are just flying by! But I guess we’re a step closer to summer (woohoo). 

I’m gong  to begin with books , I’m not a huge book person but once I get into a good book I can’t stop! The book I have been reading non stop this month is ‘all the bright places’. In this book there was times where I was smiling from ear to ear and then crying my eyes out. One thing I will say about this book is that it had a VERY unexpected ending! But do give this a read as I think it’s now one of my all time favourites.

Now the second book is more of a jokey book.One of the reasons I started a blog was to write down ,my thoughts and feelings , but only positive ones.With this book you can write about the more negative aspects of life and what you want to change about the world – perfect for when you’re Prime Minister! 

Now moving onto beauty , the bit I’ve been waiting for. This month I have been bronzing up my face like there’s no tomorrow. And to do this of course I’ve been using the benefits Hoola Bronzer.Now I know a lot of people are a little bit scared of this product and it is quite daunting , but today (get ready for this) I saw a mini version in Boots for half the price! When I saw this I had to take some deep breaths becuase it was so cute! So if you’re desperate to try it but a little nervous then why not try the mini?

I have been adding lots of glow to my face this month , with the Revolution baked highlighter. I can’t rave about this product enough! It adds the most gorgeous glow , has such high quality packaging and costs just £3! What more could you want? 

I have also been loving the Maybelline colour tattoo in Pink-Gold. I feel like this comes out every spring / summer time, as it’s just my perfect summer colour! I especially love this with a bit of the Hoola run through my crease.

And the last beauty related item , is the witch blemish stick. I was talking to my friend about how she keeps her skin so clear , and she said she swears by this stick. To be totally honest I’d completely forgot about it , but I whipped it out again and it worked miracles!  I dabbed this on a nasty spot before bed and when I woke up the spot was no longer there ! 

Finally , I have been nibbling away on the most delicious sweeties ,IceBreakers. These are so yummy – especially watermelon! 

So I hope you enjoyed this post , thanks for reading !  I would love to hear some book recommendations, as I really want to get back into reading! 

Remember all is rosy! X


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