June Favourites ✿

Hi everyone , hope you are all well! Today I wanted to share with you my June favourites! This has been a very stressful month for me ( how sad) but also very good as it’s my birthday month! I hope you all had a great month ,  bring on July! 

I’m going to begin with TV. Now a really guilty pleasure of mine is in fact summer heights high. This is such an awful but funny programme that I watched years ago and recently it was put on iplayer. Of course I had to rewatch it and it really did make my month – as bad as that sound so! 

Next thing I have been loving are these Saltwater sandals. I got these at the end of last summer , so haven’t been able to get much wear out of them. But they are so comfy and such good quality and I just love them. They’re brilliant for summer as you can go in the sea with them on! Absolutely adore these shoes! 

This month I have been craving peaches. I know this is a bit random but I have just been eating punnet after punnet of peaches! This is a favourites post , so I thought why not include them?!

Now the next thing I tested out at the beginning of the month, and I’ve actually found to be really good! They’re are Elastoplast scar plasters. I wanted to try these as in summer you show a bit more skin and I wanted mine to look as nice as possible.

I have a couple of scars and thought why not try them. They’re are quite expensive , which is why I thought I should include them in this post so you know they actually work.

This month Me Before You came out , so I have been reading the book to prepare myself for the film. I can hands down say it’s my favourite film. I love Sam claflin , but also the film was just so beautiful. It had such a heartbreaking end , but it was such a lovely romance.

The next thing is skincare. When I went to pick up my usual Nivea moisturiser , I noticed this was half price and I wanted to give it a try. I have loved this moisturiser. It is quite thin which I much prefer to my usual moisturiser , it has a nice scent and not only moisturises my face but helps to clear up any blemishes. I really really love this prod it and it’s definitely better than my usual one. This one is pure and natural regenerating night cream from Nivea.

And my last favourite of the month , is the Clinique chubby stick in Curviest caramel. This is such a perfect purple toned nude and I find it ties together any makeup look. I love the creamy formula and the brilliant lasting power of this product! 

Thanks very much for reading , I hope you enjoyed and had a lovely month! 

Remember all is rosy! X

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 A Little Haul ! ✿

I say little in the title , it would have been a blinking huge haul but when I hit the shops I really had to think about what was necessary and practical (boring!). But I still did end up with quite a bit , of which I wanted to share with you ! I’m going to begin with random bits and then move onto clothes! 

First shop I went to was Tiger. Who doesn’t love this shop? I only bought a few bits from here , but I needed some little bits and bobs for a party I’m throwing for my mums birthday. I got the cutest cups with sprinkles on for £2. These were a bit of an impulse buy , but I imagined the table I could create and these seemed a necessary part of it! Again with the party in mind I got these napkins which were £1 each. I think they’re so cute and perfectly necessary ( or so I keep telling myself).

Next I went to sainsburys and when I saw my favourite actor on a book I was after reading , I just had to buy it. I got the book Me Before You and I’m obsessed already. I’m a little bit heartbroken my cinema isn’t showing the film of it! Also from sainsburys I got the most adorable Evian drinks. I got the pink and yellow ones but I did already drink the pink one! The one I have left is in the flavour ‘lemon juice and elderflower’! 

And the last random item I got were these ice lolly moulds. I got these from Jarrolds for £6. I have been after some of these for ages and the pastel colours on these ones drew me in! 

Moving onto clothes…

Just a little side note , I find taking pictures of clothes pretty difficult so just bear that in mind when you see my dodgy picture! 

From New Look I got this lovely little top. I love the palm leaves print and just the simplicity of the top! I’m excited to get wearing this when the sun comes out ! 

The next thing I got was a it random. I was trying in a different shirt but the sizing wasn’t right. The only shirt in my size was this white one so I tried it on so I could order the one I initially wanted when I got home. But when I put it on I much preferred how this white one looked. I had always been a bit apprehensive that it would look like school uniform but I’m so pleased I tried as its one of my new favourites from my wardrobe!

And the final thing I purchased , was from H&M. Now this is not summery at all , but I just loved it and to be honest it’s not really summer in Britain anyway at the moment. It’s still cold and rainy!  But I got this black dress , it’s got a high neck and long sleeves and it’s just a swing dress. This dress is so easy to wear  and this is just a item I love to have in my wardrobe just to throw on.

So I hope you enjoyed this haul , let me know if you e got your summer wardrobe ready! Thanks so much for reading! 

Remember all is rosy! X

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Seventeen First Impressions ✿

So last week, the lovely people at Seventeen sent me some makeup items and I have been so excited ever since to write a review. Seventeen arena affordable drugstore brand which are targeted towards teens. I’ve tested the products I thought I would let you know how I’ve got on with them.

I’m going to start with the Seventeen Long Lash Mascara. First off packaging. I am so impressed with seventeen’s packaging. From a far , it just looks plain black packaging , but up close it has these really pretty flecks of colour which catch the light and give a pretty shimmer. I really like the added detail and I was already liking the product just from that.

On to the product, the actual container of the mascara is very simplistic yet quite heavy and it felt good quality. It has a very thin wand , which are my favourite type of wands – well fairy wands are my favourite but we’re talking makeup right now ! This felt very soft on my lashes (is that even a thi girl?) , very gentle. The only slight downside is that I’ve found a lot of mascara gather around the top of the bottle which can get a little bit messy. But for a £6.99 mascara , this is amazing. It does really lengthen lashes and even though it’s not waterproof it hasn’t smudged even on the hottest of days! I will definatley be repurchasing this product!

Now the next thing I got , I was so excited about! It’s Seventeen’s cheek Stamp Blush. The packaging I adore, I love the colours ( of course I do , it’s pink!) and I love the sort of random splodges of pink on the white back round. I think it looks so cool but also quite high end. Then I opened up the box and I was wowed yet again by Seventeen. The packaging of the actual product is very sleek and compact. It also has a good size mirror on the top , which makes it perfect for travel or just to pop in your handbag.

I love the idea of having a sponge applicator for the blush, and I love how everything you need is all in one place. With his product you don’t need anything g else . You don’t need a brush , beciase IT alreayd has one and I just think this is really handy. This blush gives a really prety pink shimmery glow , which is perfect for summer. This product is £4.99 and I can’t find a single fault with it!

I’m very impressed with seventeen’s products , and will definatley be going for a snoop around their counter. I hope you enjoyed this first impression type post , and thanks for reading! 

Remember all is rosy! X
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EyeBrow Routine ✿

Hello everybody! A couple of weeks ago I was asked to do a blogpost on how to do eyebrows. Now I have watched many tutorials and speeded up videos of beautiful defined eyebrows , and I can safely say mine aren’t like them. But I have learnt what looks good for a natural brow look , so why not share it with you ! 

If you didn’t already know , I have ginger hair so I need to use colours that compliment and go with my hair. I’ve found 3 products that I love and use everyday for my brows: 

– The collection brow kit in light

– An MUA eyebrows pencil in blonde

– Benefit gimme brow also in blonde
I first use the MUA pencil and underline my entire brow. So I just take the pencil and draw exactly under my natural brow -obviously this bit looks a tad crazy. I then use a spoolie and brish the product upwards. This gives a really natural brow look and is a good base to do the rest of the brow. Make sure you don’t leave a harsh line at the bottom , and that its evenly belneded all the way through.

Then using mainly the lightest shade mixed with a little bit of the middle shade I gently brush through the rest of my brow. I only use the light shade really softly through the beginning of my eyebrow to get the gradient effect.

The last thing I do is set my eyebrows into place with my gimme brow ,this adds a bit of colour but also make sure your brow stays in the desired shape all day! 

My 5 tips for brows – 

1. Make sure there is No harsh lines

2. Comb through brows throughly before and after. Before to get them in the right shape and after to get rid of any excess product.

3. Don’t over pluck. Follow your natural brow shape just pluck any few strays that don’t follow a general eye brow shape. Leave your brows in their natural shape.

4. Use an eyebrow colour that is best suited to your hair. Don’t go crazy darker than your hair as they will look fake and unnatural. 

5. Don’t be scared to experiment, try different products to see what works best for you! 
Thanks for reading , I hope his helped some of you with brow dramas ! Let me know what your go to brow product is ! X

Remember all is rosy! X

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