EyeBrow Routine ✿

Hello everybody! A couple of weeks ago I was asked to do a blogpost on how to do eyebrows. Now I have watched many tutorials and speeded up videos of beautiful defined eyebrows , and I can safely say mine aren’t like them. But I have learnt what looks good for a natural brow look , so why not share it with you ! 

If you didn’t already know , I have ginger hair so I need to use colours that compliment and go with my hair. I’ve found 3 products that I love and use everyday for my brows: 

– The collection brow kit in light

– An MUA eyebrows pencil in blonde

– Benefit gimme brow also in blonde
I first use the MUA pencil and underline my entire brow. So I just take the pencil and draw exactly under my natural brow -obviously this bit looks a tad crazy. I then use a spoolie and brish the product upwards. This gives a really natural brow look and is a good base to do the rest of the brow. Make sure you don’t leave a harsh line at the bottom , and that its evenly belneded all the way through.

Then using mainly the lightest shade mixed with a little bit of the middle shade I gently brush through the rest of my brow. I only use the light shade really softly through the beginning of my eyebrow to get the gradient effect.

The last thing I do is set my eyebrows into place with my gimme brow ,this adds a bit of colour but also make sure your brow stays in the desired shape all day! 

My 5 tips for brows – 

1. Make sure there is No harsh lines

2. Comb through brows throughly before and after. Before to get them in the right shape and after to get rid of any excess product.

3. Don’t over pluck. Follow your natural brow shape just pluck any few strays that don’t follow a general eye brow shape. Leave your brows in their natural shape.

4. Use an eyebrow colour that is best suited to your hair. Don’t go crazy darker than your hair as they will look fake and unnatural. 

5. Don’t be scared to experiment, try different products to see what works best for you! 
Thanks for reading , I hope his helped some of you with brow dramas ! Let me know what your go to brow product is ! X

Remember all is rosy! X

Email : allisrosy4@gmail.com

Twitter : _allisrosy

Instagram: _allisrosy


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