A Little Haul ! ✿

I say little in the title , it would have been a blinking huge haul but when I hit the shops I really had to think about what was necessary and practical (boring!). But I still did end up with quite a bit , of which I wanted to share with you ! I’m going to begin with random bits and then move onto clothes! 

First shop I went to was Tiger. Who doesn’t love this shop? I only bought a few bits from here , but I needed some little bits and bobs for a party I’m throwing for my mums birthday. I got the cutest cups with sprinkles on for £2. These were a bit of an impulse buy , but I imagined the table I could create and these seemed a necessary part of it! Again with the party in mind I got these napkins which were £1 each. I think they’re so cute and perfectly necessary ( or so I keep telling myself).

Next I went to sainsburys and when I saw my favourite actor on a book I was after reading , I just had to buy it. I got the book Me Before You and I’m obsessed already. I’m a little bit heartbroken my cinema isn’t showing the film of it! Also from sainsburys I got the most adorable Evian drinks. I got the pink and yellow ones but I did already drink the pink one! The one I have left is in the flavour ‘lemon juice and elderflower’! 

And the last random item I got were these ice lolly moulds. I got these from Jarrolds for £6. I have been after some of these for ages and the pastel colours on these ones drew me in! 

Moving onto clothes…

Just a little side note , I find taking pictures of clothes pretty difficult so just bear that in mind when you see my dodgy picture! 

From New Look I got this lovely little top. I love the palm leaves print and just the simplicity of the top! I’m excited to get wearing this when the sun comes out ! 

The next thing I got was a it random. I was trying in a different shirt but the sizing wasn’t right. The only shirt in my size was this white one so I tried it on so I could order the one I initially wanted when I got home. But when I put it on I much preferred how this white one looked. I had always been a bit apprehensive that it would look like school uniform but I’m so pleased I tried as its one of my new favourites from my wardrobe!

And the final thing I purchased , was from H&M. Now this is not summery at all , but I just loved it and to be honest it’s not really summer in Britain anyway at the moment. It’s still cold and rainy!  But I got this black dress , it’s got a high neck and long sleeves and it’s just a swing dress. This dress is so easy to wear  and this is just a item I love to have in my wardrobe just to throw on.

So I hope you enjoyed this haul , let me know if you e got your summer wardrobe ready! Thanks so much for reading! 

Remember all is rosy! X

Email : allisrosy4@gmail.com

Twitter : _allisrosy

Instagram: _allisrosy


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