Best Buys! ✿

Hi guys , hope you’re all well. Today is the first post of a series that i’m going to start : best buys. This could be wether i have managed to get my hands on some bargains or that i’ve brought something and i’m pleased with the purchase and it was a good buy!

So if you know me you will know that i love cards. Whenever i go to any cute little shops i’m always buying cards. I just think they finish off a present perfectly and they’re just really nice to send out at random times to cheer someone up! So when i went into my local clintons i was overjoyed to see this beautiful array or cards , with such a good price tag attached. They have an offer on where you can getter any 3 cards for just £2! I only got a few cards the first time i went , but once i got home i realised i needed more ( oops!). I now have a draw stuffed fall of cards and it makes me so happy – so sad i know!

Now the next thing isn’t so much of a bargain buy , but i saw these sunglasses and i absolutely fell in love. It doesn’t show too well in the picture , but they’re these gorgeous dusky pink and rose gold shades. They pink around the top and rose gold around the bottom .I actually got these from Marks and Spencers for £18 and im so pleased with them!

The next thing i wanted to show you , was an absolute bargain. I went into Boots after my trusty L’oreal heat protect spray. This is my favourite spray and normally retails for about £5.99 but when i went into boots it was just 26p! I thought this was a mistake , but when i went back to stock up on the spray it was still this price and I went back a few days later !

Next up is this MUA single eye shadow in ‘champagne’. Now i can’t rave about this product enough! One gentle swipe of it on the lid brightens your entire eye. It is SO pigmented and so creamy. I also works great as a highlighter! This product is hands down my favourite eyeshadow that i own and it is just £1!

For the summer i was after a hydrating yet light foundation. Of course i went to trusty Benefit , becuase it never disappoints! I found exactly what i was looking for with the oxygen wow foundation. This costs £23.85 , which is pretty pricey but it is an absolute dream. It covers all the blotvhy parts of my face, but lets my freckles peek through which is want you want for the summer. It reminds me more of a BB cream than anything. It is so lightweight you don’t feel like you have anything on and at the end of they day it doesn’t damage your skin it improves it! And another bonus it has SPF in it – can you tell how much i love this foundation?!

And last but definatley not least , nail polish! For the build up to summer , i wanted a summery colour for my nails that wasn’t too out there. When in tesco i always have a look at the reduced make up and that day i saw a Rita Ora nail polish in ‘roll in the grass’ for £1. It looked exacly like the shade i was after and for that price i had to give it a go. It’s a really pretty polish , and has lasted me 3 days with no chips! Definatley recommend!

Thanks very much for reading , i hope you enjoyed this post!

Remember all is rosy! x

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