Back To School Stationary Haul ✿

Following on from my last week I’m coming at you with yet another back to school post, however this time it’s all things stationary. Now I wish more than anything that this post would be full of pretty notepads and cool pens but this is my GCSE year at school so I just had to get the basic general school supplies. This meant it was all to help with revision (cry). 

The first thing I got was from Wilkinsons , and it’s a pack of revision cards. These are colourful and very nicely decorated which helps to make me want to revise! 

I got the most gorgeous pencil case from a shop called ‘Betty and Walter’. It has big pink flowers on with a black background which I really like. It’s the perfect size and I can’t wait to use it for school.

From tesco I got some mini Tipex pens as these are really hand to pop in your pencil case. I also got a big lined paper pad, to write down any notes that I might need to make. I also got some sticky notes from tesco , to stick in my planner with any key notes I need to remember .

From Rymans I got a big set of fine liners. I love writing in pretty colours, so when it comes to revison I find it more interesting to revise from. Also it’s just an excuse to buy more pens (haha!) . 

Finally I had to get a tin of maths equipment , as this is something I will be using more and more in my final year at school.

So I hope everything goes well if your going  back to school soon, make sure you try your best and enjoy your school years ! Thanks so much for reading and I will see you next week for my final back to school post! 
Remember all is rosy! X

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Simple Back To School Makeup ✿

So it’s almost that dreaded time again , back to school. For the next 3 posts , I’m going to be doing back to school themed posts, to get everyone ready for school and maybe (just maybe) make you excited for school rather than hiding every time the S word is mentioned. I know I’m not looking forward to going  back to school , but hopefully these posts will make me and you look forward to it! So without further ado lets get started with my simple back to school makeup look!

So to keep your skin oil and shine free throughout the long old school day , I would recommend applying the Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue Primer. This primer really does the trick , I assure you it lets no oil creep through in the day!

Moving onto base makeup. I tend to skip BB cream on school days , due to hectic early mornings. However my trusty Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer hides any horrible bags , spots and blotches which is all I need for school. And just to ensure absolutely no oil appears on your face , I dab Benefits Porefessional License To Blot on my T-zone.

I then slightly warm up my face with the Rimmel Natural Bronzer. This finishes off my natural makeup look and helps to disguise my place face!

For eyes I swipe Clinique’s Eye Shadow Stick ( bountiful beige) all over my lid and blend slightly with a fluffy brush. I then go back with my bronzer to deepen the crease and pull the look together. I finish off my eyes with Benefit They’re Real Mascara this gives a really natural fluttery finish.

I then finish with a tinted lip balm by Maybelline (cherry me) once again for a really natural look.
So I very much hope you enjoyed this minimalistic makeup look. It is very easy and lightweight and takes me a total of five minutes in the morning ! Thanks so much for reading !

Remember all is rosy ! X


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Budget Beauty – Full face of makeup for £25 ✿

So I decided to set myself the challenge of creating a complete makeup look for under £25 . This look totalled at £22! Today I’m going to share with you a bunch of inexpensive products that create the perfect budget makeup look.

Now I don’t use foundation which helped me reach my target budget of £25. But for my base makeup , I used Collection lasting perfection concealer (£4.99) and to set that in place , I used Rimmel Clear complexion powder (£4). Both of these prep cuts are my go to , they’re so inexpensive but such high quality. I would definitely recommend these products if you’re starting out with makeup or just looking for a cheaper alternative.

Moving onto eyebrows , I picked up the MUA eyebrow pencil (£1). I use the shade Boone which matches my hair perfectly and I have ginger hair. This pencil has a spoolie on the end , which helps to make your brow look more natural. Also I have found this to be waterproof which is brilliant for everyday wear as it stays on even through the harshest weather.

For highlight , I chose the amazing Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter Peach Lights (£3). This adds such a stunning shimmer and is such a high quality product with a really low price tag. For blusher I picked out Natural collections blusher Dusky Pink (£1.99). Natural collection is a really good brand and I think all of there products are packaged so nicely. This blush is very natural and just adds a subtle pop of colour-perfect for summer!

One product that I can not rave about enough, is MUA single eyeshadow Champagne (£1). This is ridiculously pigmented and just such a wearable shade. I use this almst everyday as either an eyeshadow or a highlighter. Definitely try out this product, it is amazing! 

I have another eyeshadow , that I managed to squeeze into my budget. This is the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette (£4). This contains 12 gorgeous and wearable shimmery shades,that are reflect for everyday use and can be built up for a more intense look. These eye shadows are super pigmented and have very little amount of fallout.

Moving onto mascara , this one I use a lot and love a lot. This is the Seventeen Long Lash Mascara ( £3.99). This not only lengthens lashes but also increases volume , I can’t find a single fault with the actual product. The only slight issue is the packaging , but we can move past that.

And finally lips. This product I don’t really like. It is very creamy, meaning it it transfers all over the place . Also it settles into the cracks in my lips making the overall appreance of my lips very bad. So the product I’m talking about is an MUA lipstick in the shade Bare (£1).

So this entire look totalled at £22. Most of these products I really liked and will contine to use. I hope you enjoyed reading and Thankyou very much!

Remember all is rosy! X

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Fun Day Out Under £5 ✿

Now I don’t know about you , but in the summer holidays I seem to pay out lots of money at the beggining and have lots of amazing days, but then get to the middle of the summer and come a little bit stuck. Having spent a large amount of money , my friend and I wanted to have a fun day out for under £5. We set ourselves the challenge of doing this and I have to say it has been one of my favourite summer days so far. So today I thought I would share with you how we achieved an amzing day for under £5.

Me and my friend went shopping for picnic items , that came to a grand total of £4.28. It included a drink,crisps,chocolates ,blueberries,sand which filling and rolls. This created the perfect summer lunch and was really inexpensive. 

We had so much fun preparing the picnic and packng it away in the hamper . It’s easy to forget the enjoyment that comes with cooking with friends ! 

Then we hopped on our bikes , and went for quite a long bike ride. We found a gorgeous spot near to a river and set up camp there. We brought a picnic blanket and some pretty napkins and cups to make the picnic look nice and to get some nice pictures hahha!

Once there we blared some music, took pictures and enjoyed the little things! 

A tip I have for you to have a really fun day , is adventure and discover new places. Me and my friend found this lovely river , a place neither of us had been to before!

So I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and I hope you have an amazing summer! My posts should go back to the usual time , Monday at 8:00pm next week! 

Remember all is rosy! X

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July Favourites! ✿

Hey everybody , hope you’re having a fab summer. Today’s post is a monthly favourite and I will be sharing with you all the things I have been loving through he month of July. This month in England we have got quite lucky with the lovely hot weather so most of these things have helped me survive the heat! 

For my birthday I got his really cool bottle that says ‘100% thirsty ‘. Throughout the month of July I have been using this non stop. It’s perfect to carry about the house and also the lid means no bugs can get in your drink.  You can get bottles like this from Starbucks , Primark and any home store.

After reading ‘me before you ‘ I have been desperate to read the next book, ‘after you’. I adored the first book , but this book has quite a different tone , but I’m still loving it although I’m yet to finish it!

This summer , Benefits World Neutral set has came in really handy. With two cream shadows and four powder shadows , it’s a great kit for travelling and the high quality means that they stay on through the hot weather. This set is so gorgeous and is great for everyday wear or can be made a bit more dramatic for evening wear.

To get my skin looking glowy and summer ready , I have been using the Garnier summer body moisturising lotion. This makes your skin looking nice and healthy for about 3-4 days and then after that my painfully pale skin colour will return ahah! 

Something that has been a life saver this month for me , has been the Paul & Joe sun protection body mist. This is so slimline, which makes it perfect to throw into your bag and if the sun comes out you can just spritz yourself with this and be protected.

The NYX buttergloss has been my go to lip product this month and the shade I have been loving is called Maple Blondie. This smells like cupcakes and heaven mixed together and leaves a non sticky finish – perfect! 

Next is this Nailsinc polish in the shade Chiltern Park. I have been wearing this colour so much, it’s a perfect summer shade – watermelon red. It dries super shiny and last for a really long time. I’m going to be wearing this non stop throght put the summer and would highly recommend it! 

The last product is also related to nails , and are these nail polish pads from Topshop. These pads last for so long and I only need one for both of my hands. I love the watermelon scent so these are perfect for me. I had to pick some more of these up when I went shopping recently , as they’re just so handy.

Thanks so much for reading , I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely week and see you on Monday! 

Remember all is rosy! X


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