July Favourites! ✿

Hey everybody , hope you’re having a fab summer. Today’s post is a monthly favourite and I will be sharing with you all the things I have been loving through he month of July. This month in England we have got quite lucky with the lovely hot weather so most of these things have helped me survive the heat! 

For my birthday I got his really cool bottle that says ‘100% thirsty ‘. Throughout the month of July I have been using this non stop. It’s perfect to carry about the house and also the lid means no bugs can get in your drink.  You can get bottles like this from Starbucks , Primark and any home store.

After reading ‘me before you ‘ I have been desperate to read the next book, ‘after you’. I adored the first book , but this book has quite a different tone , but I’m still loving it although I’m yet to finish it!

This summer , Benefits World Neutral set has came in really handy. With two cream shadows and four powder shadows , it’s a great kit for travelling and the high quality means that they stay on through the hot weather. This set is so gorgeous and is great for everyday wear or can be made a bit more dramatic for evening wear.

To get my skin looking glowy and summer ready , I have been using the Garnier summer body moisturising lotion. This makes your skin looking nice and healthy for about 3-4 days and then after that my painfully pale skin colour will return ahah! 

Something that has been a life saver this month for me , has been the Paul & Joe sun protection body mist. This is so slimline, which makes it perfect to throw into your bag and if the sun comes out you can just spritz yourself with this and be protected.

The NYX buttergloss has been my go to lip product this month and the shade I have been loving is called Maple Blondie. This smells like cupcakes and heaven mixed together and leaves a non sticky finish – perfect! 

Next is this Nailsinc polish in the shade Chiltern Park. I have been wearing this colour so much, it’s a perfect summer shade – watermelon red. It dries super shiny and last for a really long time. I’m going to be wearing this non stop throght put the summer and would highly recommend it! 

The last product is also related to nails , and are these nail polish pads from Topshop. These pads last for so long and I only need one for both of my hands. I love the watermelon scent so these are perfect for me. I had to pick some more of these up when I went shopping recently , as they’re just so handy.

Thanks so much for reading , I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely week and see you on Monday! 

Remember all is rosy! X

Email: allisrosy4@gmail.com

Instagram: _allisrosy

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