Fun Day Out Under £5 ✿

Now I don’t know about you , but in the summer holidays I seem to pay out lots of money at the beggining and have lots of amazing days, but then get to the middle of the summer and come a little bit stuck. Having spent a large amount of money , my friend and I wanted to have a fun day out for under £5. We set ourselves the challenge of doing this and I have to say it has been one of my favourite summer days so far. So today I thought I would share with you how we achieved an amzing day for under £5.

Me and my friend went shopping for picnic items , that came to a grand total of £4.28. It included a drink,crisps,chocolates ,blueberries,sand which filling and rolls. This created the perfect summer lunch and was really inexpensive. 

We had so much fun preparing the picnic and packng it away in the hamper . It’s easy to forget the enjoyment that comes with cooking with friends ! 

Then we hopped on our bikes , and went for quite a long bike ride. We found a gorgeous spot near to a river and set up camp there. We brought a picnic blanket and some pretty napkins and cups to make the picnic look nice and to get some nice pictures hahha!

Once there we blared some music, took pictures and enjoyed the little things! 

A tip I have for you to have a really fun day , is adventure and discover new places. Me and my friend found this lovely river , a place neither of us had been to before!

So I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and I hope you have an amazing summer! My posts should go back to the usual time , Monday at 8:00pm next week! 

Remember all is rosy! X

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