Budget Beauty – Full face of makeup for £25 ✿

So I decided to set myself the challenge of creating a complete makeup look for under £25 . This look totalled at £22! Today I’m going to share with you a bunch of inexpensive products that create the perfect budget makeup look.

Now I don’t use foundation which helped me reach my target budget of £25. But for my base makeup , I used Collection lasting perfection concealer (£4.99) and to set that in place , I used Rimmel Clear complexion powder (£4). Both of these prep cuts are my go to , they’re so inexpensive but such high quality. I would definitely recommend these products if you’re starting out with makeup or just looking for a cheaper alternative.

Moving onto eyebrows , I picked up the MUA eyebrow pencil (£1). I use the shade Boone which matches my hair perfectly and I have ginger hair. This pencil has a spoolie on the end , which helps to make your brow look more natural. Also I have found this to be waterproof which is brilliant for everyday wear as it stays on even through the harshest weather.

For highlight , I chose the amazing Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter Peach Lights (£3). This adds such a stunning shimmer and is such a high quality product with a really low price tag. For blusher I picked out Natural collections blusher Dusky Pink (£1.99). Natural collection is a really good brand and I think all of there products are packaged so nicely. This blush is very natural and just adds a subtle pop of colour-perfect for summer!

One product that I can not rave about enough, is MUA single eyeshadow Champagne (£1). This is ridiculously pigmented and just such a wearable shade. I use this almst everyday as either an eyeshadow or a highlighter. Definitely try out this product, it is amazing! 

I have another eyeshadow , that I managed to squeeze into my budget. This is the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette (£4). This contains 12 gorgeous and wearable shimmery shades,that are reflect for everyday use and can be built up for a more intense look. These eye shadows are super pigmented and have very little amount of fallout.

Moving onto mascara , this one I use a lot and love a lot. This is the Seventeen Long Lash Mascara ( £3.99). This not only lengthens lashes but also increases volume , I can’t find a single fault with the actual product. The only slight issue is the packaging , but we can move past that.

And finally lips. This product I don’t really like. It is very creamy, meaning it it transfers all over the place . Also it settles into the cracks in my lips making the overall appreance of my lips very bad. So the product I’m talking about is an MUA lipstick in the shade Bare (£1).

So this entire look totalled at £22. Most of these products I really liked and will contine to use. I hope you enjoyed reading and Thankyou very much!

Remember all is rosy! X

Email : allisrosy4@gmail.com

Twitter : _allisrosy

Instagram : _allisrosy


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