Back To School Stationary Haul ✿

Following on from my last week I’m coming at you with yet another back to school post, however this time it’s all things stationary. Now I wish more than anything that this post would be full of pretty notepads and cool pens but this is my GCSE year at school so I just had to get the basic general school supplies. This meant it was all to help with revision (cry). 

The first thing I got was from Wilkinsons , and it’s a pack of revision cards. These are colourful and very nicely decorated which helps to make me want to revise! 

I got the most gorgeous pencil case from a shop called ‘Betty and Walter’. It has big pink flowers on with a black background which I really like. It’s the perfect size and I can’t wait to use it for school.

From tesco I got some mini Tipex pens as these are really hand to pop in your pencil case. I also got a big lined paper pad, to write down any notes that I might need to make. I also got some sticky notes from tesco , to stick in my planner with any key notes I need to remember .

From Rymans I got a big set of fine liners. I love writing in pretty colours, so when it comes to revison I find it more interesting to revise from. Also it’s just an excuse to buy more pens (haha!) . 

Finally I had to get a tin of maths equipment , as this is something I will be using more and more in my final year at school.

So I hope everything goes well if your going  back to school soon, make sure you try your best and enjoy your school years ! Thanks so much for reading and I will see you next week for my final back to school post! 
Remember all is rosy! X

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