Huge Clothing and Beauty Haul ✿ 

Hey guys! Recently I have been doing some shopping… and it turned out to be quite a lot of shopping, and what do you do when you buy loads of stuff? A haul!!! As you will probably be able to tell there is a very clear theme of monochrome clothing, but black and white goes with everything so you can’t go wrong. So if you want to see what i have been buying over the past few weeks, then carry on reading!

Bumble Bee Shirt – Primark £7 – I love this shirt SO much and it’s just such a versatile and easy piece to wear.

Superga – £25 (sale) – I’ve been after some black plimsoll-type trainers for a while , and when I saw these half price I had to snatch them up!

Patterned Trousers – Matalan £4.50 (sale) – First of all , these were such a bargain price (originally £8) , they’re such good quality and have a lovely design. These trousers are actually quite tailored , and go tight at the bottom without any elastication. they have elastic at the back of the waist and are so comfy. I have worn these non-stop and i LOVE them.

Black Frill Top  – H&M £7 – I brought this top to pair with patterned skirts or just to wear with jeans to jazz up a usually plain black top. These frill tops are very in at the moment and i really like it.

Stripy Long-Sleeved Tee – Primark £4 – I brought this to go under dungarees and with skirts. I actually bought a skirt which you will see in a minute that i thought it would go nicely with.

Black Hat – M&S £3 (sale) – I ADORE this. This was down from £25 i believe , so such a bargain. It is my first ever hat like this and i can’t wait to wear it in the winter.

Stripy Bikini Shorts – H&M £3 (Sale) – When I tried these on , i really liked how they settled just above the hips. I love the quality of these and i am currently on the search for a black bikini top to pair them with.

These are a few random beauty bits that i picked up , the first being The Botanics Radiance Balm (£2.99). This is lovely to wear under makeup , as its= gives your skin a gorgeous healthy glow. I picked this  up from Boots when there was an offer on the Botanics skincare. Next from Accessorize i got this gorgeous nail polish. I mainly got this to stand on my dressing table , as i love the packaging. The last beauty item is a Benefit product. I got Benefits Precisely My Brow Pencil. I got this when there was 15% off so it was around £16. I had no intention on buying this , however the lady in there did my brows for me and I just adored the look this product gave.

Maroon Skirt – M&S £19.50 – This skirt looked like the perfect winter skirt and i loved how it fitted, so i had to pick it up.


So I very much hope you enjoyed this post, I definitely won’t be buying anything else for a long old time! Let me know your favourite item from the haul!

Remember All Is Rosy! x

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Travel : Norwich to Suffolk ✿

So a couple of weeks ago my family and i decided to take little trip to Norwich and Suffolk coast. It was such a lovely night away and seen as Suffolk holds one of my all time favourite beach towns , i couldn’t wait to share with you guys!

We started our trip in Norwich , where we shopped for the the best part of the day and also looked around a university for my sister. Sadly i didn’t pick up anything , however i did have the most delicious evening meal in Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

After watching many of Zoe’s (Zoella) vlogs where she visited GBK i desperately wanted to try it out. She raved about the skinny fries and garlic mayo , so of course i had to try it! The picture above is actually of my sister’s meal, because i forgot to take a picture of mine before taking a bite (whoops!). I can hands down say it was the best burger i have ever tried, and if you are a burger fan just like me then definitely try this restaurant out. Also the drinks were AMAZING ( i had strawberry elderflower).

The next day on our way to Southwold and Aldeburgh , we stopped off at a little town. We mainly went there for their huge antique barns filled with so many gorgeous pieces of furniture , one room felt like we had been transported into the 60s – it was brilliant!

Then we arrived at Southwold hurrah! This place instantly makes me happy ,  i absolutely love southwold. We come every single summer and every year it instantly makes me smile.

Every time we come to Southwold we go to this little ice cream shop which has so many delicious flavours. I went for candyfloss and it was yummmy! My family went for bakewell tart, salted caramel and bubblegum which were all pretty delicious but i couldn’t turn down such a pretty pink ice cream!

After my ice cream i did brave it into the sea, which was pretty cold but wonderful at the same time!

Final stop – Aldeburgh. Here we mooched around the highstreet and had fish & chips on the beach. I love sitting on Aldeburgh beach as not only can you see the beautiful sea, but also the stunning buildings around you.

After Aldeburgh we embarked on the long journey home , feeling full up on seaside treats!

Thanks very much for reading , i hope you enjoyed hearing about my travels. I would love to hear your favourite beaches and places to visit! x

Remember All Is Rosy! x


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Summer Reading ✿

I set myself 6 books to either read or reread throughout the summer. I have finished them all , apart from Gone Girl. So i thought i would give the books a miny review and let you know what i thought and whether i would recommend you reading them or not.

After You – Jojo Moyes 

This book follows on from the very famous and well loved book Me Before You. This book tells Lousia Clarke’s story after the suicide of her lover. She learns to fall in love again whilst suffer heartbreak and happiness. Her family learn to forgive and an unexpected visitor shakes up her world. I was so engrossed with this book i actually could not put it down. There were times when i was smiling from ear to ear and then in the next moment i was crying. This book was AMAZING! Love Love Love.

Summer At Shell Cottage – Lucy Diamond

I was given this book for my birthday and initially loved the gorgeous cover. However once i actually started reading the book i fell in love with it even more. The plot has so many underlying stories and actually turns for this quaint little family story to this dark plot. There was LOADS of unexpected turns and was very gripping – but not in a scary way. Its about a family ( The Tarrants) and they are having their annual holiday in Devon however this year is very different. After the death of Alec Tarrant lots has changed and many secrets are uncovered.

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

I have heard so many people rave about this, but i just can’t get into it. I tried reading it at the beginning of the summer but didn’t really like it so i started a different book. This is quite a dark and complex mystery. Nick Dunne’s wife has gone missing and it looks as though he is somehow involved. This is very fast pace and there are lots of elements to the book. I for one really can’t get into so i can’t recommend.

You Had Me At Hello – Mhairi McFarlane

I am about half way through this book , and i am currently loving it! Its such a relate-able and realistic story. As i said i haven’t finished but so far the book has been about Rachel , a woman who has recently split up from her finance and is adjusting to her single life when she bumps into her university sweetheart. She is desperately trying to regain their friendship whilst also coming to terms with her new label – single. I think this could be one of my new favorite books and i can’t wait to read the ending.

The Shock Of The Fall -Nathan Filer

This book is extremely gripping. It is a very sad book and really does make you think. It is about a young man struggling with a mental illness brought on bu guilt from what happened to his younger brother. We get to see the world through his eyes and learn his bittersweet family memories. This isn’t a book i usually go for, however this book was truly amazing and helps us to understand mental illnesses.

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

Now this book is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites. I love this book so much. I have reread the book so many times and i just love it. Its about twins who depended on each so much after their mum left , who face university together and face drifting apart.There is so many raw and real parts of this book as well as humor and the big romance as well. I have also seen the sequel to this and i’m definitely going to be reading that soon, as this is one of my all time faves.


So i very much hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have read any of these books and let me know your favorite books! Thanks so much for reading , speak to you soon! xx


Remember All Is Rosy! x


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What’s In My School Beauty Bag ✿

For my final back to school themed post, I’m going to be sharing what’s in my school beauty bag. I think I have covered all of the essentials a girl would need beauty wise at school!

So my actual bag is from Betty and Walter this is the same design as my pencil case. I adore this pattern and love that all my bags match ! This bag is a really good size and fits everything I need without taking up too much space in my school bag.

✿ Hair Pins and Hair Bobbles – Pretty standard, I just keep these handy becuase you never know when you will be blessed with a hair disaster (very common for me).

✿ Wet Wipes – Necessary if you get pen all over your hands or after a experiment in science etc.

✿ Hand Cream – I love to moisturise my hands after cold lunches outside or after writing for a long time.

✿ Hair Brush – I got a little hair brush from SuperDrug which is small and slimline which is great for my bag and handy for sorting my hair out after windy break times.

✿ Hand Sanitizer – I got a huge bottle from Boots , as I’m a bit of a germ freak. I use this before lunch and if there’s no soap in the toilets.

✿ Lip Scrub and Lip Balm – I love the Lush lips scrubs and they’re especially good when paired with a baby lips. My favourite baby lips is the watermelon one as I just love the watermelon scent.

✿ Nail File and Nail Polish Pad – I got some really tiny nail files from Tiger which are just so handy if you cath your nail whilst in school. I also find Topshop’s nail polish remover pads SO handy. In previous school years on a Monday morning just as I’m leaving the house I forget about the nail polish on my fingers so these little pads are a life saver.

✿ Concealer and Oil Blot Stick – I always like to have a Collection lasting perfection concealer handy, as they’re so easy to blend and hide any imperfections perfectly. I also love Benefits Porefessional License to Blot Stick , as it’s so quick and easy to remove any oil .

So I really hope you enjoyed my back to school series. I hope this has helped you remember some bits to pack in your bag . Have a great time at school , see you soon !
Remember all is rosy! X

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