What’s In My School Beauty Bag ✿

For my final back to school themed post, I’m going to be sharing what’s in my school beauty bag. I think I have covered all of the essentials a girl would need beauty wise at school!

So my actual bag is from Betty and Walter this is the same design as my pencil case. I adore this pattern and love that all my bags match ! This bag is a really good size and fits everything I need without taking up too much space in my school bag.

✿ Hair Pins and Hair Bobbles – Pretty standard, I just keep these handy becuase you never know when you will be blessed with a hair disaster (very common for me).

✿ Wet Wipes – Necessary if you get pen all over your hands or after a experiment in science etc.

✿ Hand Cream – I love to moisturise my hands after cold lunches outside or after writing for a long time.

✿ Hair Brush – I got a little hair brush from SuperDrug which is small and slimline which is great for my bag and handy for sorting my hair out after windy break times.

✿ Hand Sanitizer – I got a huge bottle from Boots , as I’m a bit of a germ freak. I use this before lunch and if there’s no soap in the toilets.

✿ Lip Scrub and Lip Balm – I love the Lush lips scrubs and they’re especially good when paired with a baby lips. My favourite baby lips is the watermelon one as I just love the watermelon scent.

✿ Nail File and Nail Polish Pad – I got some really tiny nail files from Tiger which are just so handy if you cath your nail whilst in school. I also find Topshop’s nail polish remover pads SO handy. In previous school years on a Monday morning just as I’m leaving the house I forget about the nail polish on my fingers so these little pads are a life saver.

✿ Concealer and Oil Blot Stick – I always like to have a Collection lasting perfection concealer handy, as they’re so easy to blend and hide any imperfections perfectly. I also love Benefits Porefessional License to Blot Stick , as it’s so quick and easy to remove any oil .

So I really hope you enjoyed my back to school series. I hope this has helped you remember some bits to pack in your bag . Have a great time at school , see you soon !
Remember all is rosy! X

Email : allisrosy4@gmail.com

Twitter : _allisrosy

Instagram : _allisrosy


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