Travel : Norwich to Suffolk ✿

So a couple of weeks ago my family and i decided to take little trip to Norwich and Suffolk coast. It was such a lovely night away and seen as Suffolk holds one of my all time favourite beach towns , i couldn’t wait to share with you guys!

We started our trip in Norwich , where we shopped for the the best part of the day and also looked around a university for my sister. Sadly i didn’t pick up anything , however i did have the most delicious evening meal in Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

After watching many of Zoe’s (Zoella) vlogs where she visited GBK i desperately wanted to try it out. She raved about the skinny fries and garlic mayo , so of course i had to try it! The picture above is actually of my sister’s meal, because i forgot to take a picture of mine before taking a bite (whoops!). I can hands down say it was the best burger i have ever tried, and if you are a burger fan just like me then definitely try this restaurant out. Also the drinks were AMAZING ( i had strawberry elderflower).

The next day on our way to Southwold and Aldeburgh , we stopped off at a little town. We mainly went there for their huge antique barns filled with so many gorgeous pieces of furniture , one room felt like we had been transported into the 60s – it was brilliant!

Then we arrived at Southwold hurrah! This place instantly makes me happy ,  i absolutely love southwold. We come every single summer and every year it instantly makes me smile.

Every time we come to Southwold we go to this little ice cream shop which has so many delicious flavours. I went for candyfloss and it was yummmy! My family went for bakewell tart, salted caramel and bubblegum which were all pretty delicious but i couldn’t turn down such a pretty pink ice cream!

After my ice cream i did brave it into the sea, which was pretty cold but wonderful at the same time!

Final stop – Aldeburgh. Here we mooched around the highstreet and had fish & chips on the beach. I love sitting on Aldeburgh beach as not only can you see the beautiful sea, but also the stunning buildings around you.

After Aldeburgh we embarked on the long journey home , feeling full up on seaside treats!

Thanks very much for reading , i hope you enjoyed hearing about my travels. I would love to hear your favourite beaches and places to visit! x

Remember All Is Rosy! x


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