Summer Reading ✿

I set myself 6 books to either read or reread throughout the summer. I have finished them all , apart from Gone Girl. So i thought i would give the books a miny review and let you know what i thought and whether i would recommend you reading them or not.

After You – Jojo Moyes 

This book follows on from the very famous and well loved book Me Before You. This book tells Lousia Clarke’s story after the suicide of her lover. She learns to fall in love again whilst suffer heartbreak and happiness. Her family learn to forgive and an unexpected visitor shakes up her world. I was so engrossed with this book i actually could not put it down. There were times when i was smiling from ear to ear and then in the next moment i was crying. This book was AMAZING! Love Love Love.

Summer At Shell Cottage – Lucy Diamond

I was given this book for my birthday and initially loved the gorgeous cover. However once i actually started reading the book i fell in love with it even more. The plot has so many underlying stories and actually turns for this quaint little family story to this dark plot. There was LOADS of unexpected turns and was very gripping – but not in a scary way. Its about a family ( The Tarrants) and they are having their annual holiday in Devon however this year is very different. After the death of Alec Tarrant lots has changed and many secrets are uncovered.

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

I have heard so many people rave about this, but i just can’t get into it. I tried reading it at the beginning of the summer but didn’t really like it so i started a different book. This is quite a dark and complex mystery. Nick Dunne’s wife has gone missing and it looks as though he is somehow involved. This is very fast pace and there are lots of elements to the book. I for one really can’t get into so i can’t recommend.

You Had Me At Hello – Mhairi McFarlane

I am about half way through this book , and i am currently loving it! Its such a relate-able and realistic story. As i said i haven’t finished but so far the book has been about Rachel , a woman who has recently split up from her finance and is adjusting to her single life when she bumps into her university sweetheart. She is desperately trying to regain their friendship whilst also coming to terms with her new label – single. I think this could be one of my new favorite books and i can’t wait to read the ending.

The Shock Of The Fall -Nathan Filer

This book is extremely gripping. It is a very sad book and really does make you think. It is about a young man struggling with a mental illness brought on bu guilt from what happened to his younger brother. We get to see the world through his eyes and learn his bittersweet family memories. This isn’t a book i usually go for, however this book was truly amazing and helps us to understand mental illnesses.

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

Now this book is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites. I love this book so much. I have reread the book so many times and i just love it. Its about twins who depended on each so much after their mum left , who face university together and face drifting apart.There is so many raw and real parts of this book as well as humor and the big romance as well. I have also seen the sequel to this and i’m definitely going to be reading that soon, as this is one of my all time faves.


So i very much hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have read any of these books and let me know your favorite books! Thanks so much for reading , speak to you soon! xx


Remember All Is Rosy! x


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Back To School Stationary Haul ✿

Following on from my last week I’m coming at you with yet another back to school post, however this time it’s all things stationary. Now I wish more than anything that this post would be full of pretty notepads and cool pens but this is my GCSE year at school so I just had to get the basic general school supplies. This meant it was all to help with revision (cry). 

The first thing I got was from Wilkinsons , and it’s a pack of revision cards. These are colourful and very nicely decorated which helps to make me want to revise! 

I got the most gorgeous pencil case from a shop called ‘Betty and Walter’. It has big pink flowers on with a black background which I really like. It’s the perfect size and I can’t wait to use it for school.

From tesco I got some mini Tipex pens as these are really hand to pop in your pencil case. I also got a big lined paper pad, to write down any notes that I might need to make. I also got some sticky notes from tesco , to stick in my planner with any key notes I need to remember .

From Rymans I got a big set of fine liners. I love writing in pretty colours, so when it comes to revison I find it more interesting to revise from. Also it’s just an excuse to buy more pens (haha!) . 

Finally I had to get a tin of maths equipment , as this is something I will be using more and more in my final year at school.

So I hope everything goes well if your going  back to school soon, make sure you try your best and enjoy your school years ! Thanks so much for reading and I will see you next week for my final back to school post! 
Remember all is rosy! X

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Fun Day Out Under £5 ✿

Now I don’t know about you , but in the summer holidays I seem to pay out lots of money at the beggining and have lots of amazing days, but then get to the middle of the summer and come a little bit stuck. Having spent a large amount of money , my friend and I wanted to have a fun day out for under £5. We set ourselves the challenge of doing this and I have to say it has been one of my favourite summer days so far. So today I thought I would share with you how we achieved an amzing day for under £5.

Me and my friend went shopping for picnic items , that came to a grand total of £4.28. It included a drink,crisps,chocolates ,blueberries,sand which filling and rolls. This created the perfect summer lunch and was really inexpensive. 

We had so much fun preparing the picnic and packng it away in the hamper . It’s easy to forget the enjoyment that comes with cooking with friends ! 

Then we hopped on our bikes , and went for quite a long bike ride. We found a gorgeous spot near to a river and set up camp there. We brought a picnic blanket and some pretty napkins and cups to make the picnic look nice and to get some nice pictures hahha!

Once there we blared some music, took pictures and enjoyed the little things! 

A tip I have for you to have a really fun day , is adventure and discover new places. Me and my friend found this lovely river , a place neither of us had been to before!

So I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and I hope you have an amazing summer! My posts should go back to the usual time , Monday at 8:00pm next week! 

Remember all is rosy! X

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July Favourites! ✿

Hey everybody , hope you’re having a fab summer. Today’s post is a monthly favourite and I will be sharing with you all the things I have been loving through he month of July. This month in England we have got quite lucky with the lovely hot weather so most of these things have helped me survive the heat! 

For my birthday I got his really cool bottle that says ‘100% thirsty ‘. Throughout the month of July I have been using this non stop. It’s perfect to carry about the house and also the lid means no bugs can get in your drink.  You can get bottles like this from Starbucks , Primark and any home store.

After reading ‘me before you ‘ I have been desperate to read the next book, ‘after you’. I adored the first book , but this book has quite a different tone , but I’m still loving it although I’m yet to finish it!

This summer , Benefits World Neutral set has came in really handy. With two cream shadows and four powder shadows , it’s a great kit for travelling and the high quality means that they stay on through the hot weather. This set is so gorgeous and is great for everyday wear or can be made a bit more dramatic for evening wear.

To get my skin looking glowy and summer ready , I have been using the Garnier summer body moisturising lotion. This makes your skin looking nice and healthy for about 3-4 days and then after that my painfully pale skin colour will return ahah! 

Something that has been a life saver this month for me , has been the Paul & Joe sun protection body mist. This is so slimline, which makes it perfect to throw into your bag and if the sun comes out you can just spritz yourself with this and be protected.

The NYX buttergloss has been my go to lip product this month and the shade I have been loving is called Maple Blondie. This smells like cupcakes and heaven mixed together and leaves a non sticky finish – perfect! 

Next is this Nailsinc polish in the shade Chiltern Park. I have been wearing this colour so much, it’s a perfect summer shade – watermelon red. It dries super shiny and last for a really long time. I’m going to be wearing this non stop throght put the summer and would highly recommend it! 

The last product is also related to nails , and are these nail polish pads from Topshop. These pads last for so long and I only need one for both of my hands. I love the watermelon scent so these are perfect for me. I had to pick some more of these up when I went shopping recently , as they’re just so handy.

Thanks so much for reading , I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely week and see you on Monday! 

Remember all is rosy! X


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June Favourites ✿

Hi everyone , hope you are all well! Today I wanted to share with you my June favourites! This has been a very stressful month for me ( how sad) but also very good as it’s my birthday month! I hope you all had a great month ,  bring on July! 

I’m going to begin with TV. Now a really guilty pleasure of mine is in fact summer heights high. This is such an awful but funny programme that I watched years ago and recently it was put on iplayer. Of course I had to rewatch it and it really did make my month – as bad as that sound so! 

Next thing I have been loving are these Saltwater sandals. I got these at the end of last summer , so haven’t been able to get much wear out of them. But they are so comfy and such good quality and I just love them. They’re brilliant for summer as you can go in the sea with them on! Absolutely adore these shoes! 

This month I have been craving peaches. I know this is a bit random but I have just been eating punnet after punnet of peaches! This is a favourites post , so I thought why not include them?!

Now the next thing I tested out at the beginning of the month, and I’ve actually found to be really good! They’re are Elastoplast scar plasters. I wanted to try these as in summer you show a bit more skin and I wanted mine to look as nice as possible.

I have a couple of scars and thought why not try them. They’re are quite expensive , which is why I thought I should include them in this post so you know they actually work.

This month Me Before You came out , so I have been reading the book to prepare myself for the film. I can hands down say it’s my favourite film. I love Sam claflin , but also the film was just so beautiful. It had such a heartbreaking end , but it was such a lovely romance.

The next thing is skincare. When I went to pick up my usual Nivea moisturiser , I noticed this was half price and I wanted to give it a try. I have loved this moisturiser. It is quite thin which I much prefer to my usual moisturiser , it has a nice scent and not only moisturises my face but helps to clear up any blemishes. I really really love this prod it and it’s definitely better than my usual one. This one is pure and natural regenerating night cream from Nivea.

And my last favourite of the month , is the Clinique chubby stick in Curviest caramel. This is such a perfect purple toned nude and I find it ties together any makeup look. I love the creamy formula and the brilliant lasting power of this product! 

Thanks very much for reading , I hope you enjoyed and had a lovely month! 

Remember all is rosy! X


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 A Little Haul ! ✿

I say little in the title , it would have been a blinking huge haul but when I hit the shops I really had to think about what was necessary and practical (boring!). But I still did end up with quite a bit , of which I wanted to share with you ! I’m going to begin with random bits and then move onto clothes! 

First shop I went to was Tiger. Who doesn’t love this shop? I only bought a few bits from here , but I needed some little bits and bobs for a party I’m throwing for my mums birthday. I got the cutest cups with sprinkles on for £2. These were a bit of an impulse buy , but I imagined the table I could create and these seemed a necessary part of it! Again with the party in mind I got these napkins which were £1 each. I think they’re so cute and perfectly necessary ( or so I keep telling myself).

Next I went to sainsburys and when I saw my favourite actor on a book I was after reading , I just had to buy it. I got the book Me Before You and I’m obsessed already. I’m a little bit heartbroken my cinema isn’t showing the film of it! Also from sainsburys I got the most adorable Evian drinks. I got the pink and yellow ones but I did already drink the pink one! The one I have left is in the flavour ‘lemon juice and elderflower’! 

And the last random item I got were these ice lolly moulds. I got these from Jarrolds for £6. I have been after some of these for ages and the pastel colours on these ones drew me in! 

Moving onto clothes…

Just a little side note , I find taking pictures of clothes pretty difficult so just bear that in mind when you see my dodgy picture! 

From New Look I got this lovely little top. I love the palm leaves print and just the simplicity of the top! I’m excited to get wearing this when the sun comes out ! 

The next thing I got was a it random. I was trying in a different shirt but the sizing wasn’t right. The only shirt in my size was this white one so I tried it on so I could order the one I initially wanted when I got home. But when I put it on I much preferred how this white one looked. I had always been a bit apprehensive that it would look like school uniform but I’m so pleased I tried as its one of my new favourites from my wardrobe!

And the final thing I purchased , was from H&M. Now this is not summery at all , but I just loved it and to be honest it’s not really summer in Britain anyway at the moment. It’s still cold and rainy!  But I got this black dress , it’s got a high neck and long sleeves and it’s just a swing dress. This dress is so easy to wear  and this is just a item I love to have in my wardrobe just to throw on.

So I hope you enjoyed this haul , let me know if you e got your summer wardrobe ready! Thanks so much for reading! 

Remember all is rosy! X

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Liebster Award ✿

Hello everybody! I’m so happy to tell you that I’ve been nominated for an award – how exciting! I also wanted to Thankyou very much for 100+ followers, that’s so crazy !

So Pink Princess Olivia kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award which is so nice!  
Here are the rules for the Liebster Award : 

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge to your post.
3. Nominate other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
4. Answer the 10 questions the person who nominated you asked you.
5. Create 10 new questions to ask the bloggers you nominate.
6. Notify the bloggers you have nominated by leaving them a comment on their blog.

Here are the questions that I have been asked ! 

Why did you create your blog? I created mine , so I could give and share makeup tips , make friends and just have a nice platform the have fun! I love beauty and fashion so I thought a blog would be the perfect place to show my love!

Who is your inspiration ? Well I love Wish Wish Wish blog , and it would be an absolute dream to get as far as her , but my inspiration is just the thought of one day having good friends from my blog ! 

What’s your favourite blog posts to write ? I love writing the makeup reviews , after I’ve finished one I feel so satisfied and I get so excited for when it goes up! 

What’s your blogging goal? I would love to reach 1000 followers that would be insane , I would also love to one day share a bit more about myself and share makeup looks I’ve actually done on myself instead of doing flat lays. Right now I’m too shy to post myself online , but one day it could happen ( fingers crossed). 

When did you start your blog? I’ve had my blog for about a year , but ive only being properly blogging since December. Before I would post once in a blue moon and there wouldn’t be any structure!

Favourite and worst thing about blogging? I love receiving comments from people , but I hate my mistakes.Like I write so fast as I’ve got so much to say , and then I read it back and there so many spelling mistakes hahah!

What do you like to include on your blog? I like to include my catchphrase at the end ‘remember all is rosy!’ And I also like to include as much positivity as possible.

Favourite youtuber ? I’m not the biggest YouTube fan , but I do like ‘Miss Rosie Bea’ as I think we’re quite similar and she’s seems really nice.

Favourite blogger? As I said earlier I like Wish Wish wish blog and I also enjoy reading Zoellas from time to time.

Reason to keep blogging? Becuase it’s a fun and happy hobby.

My nominees ! 

And my questions ….

1. One product you couldn’t live without? 

2. Favourite sweet treat?

3. Favourite blogpost you’ve ever written?

4. Story behind your blog (why you started it)?

5. Favourite blogger? 

6. What’s Your blog goal?

7. How long does it take you to write a blogpost?

8. Favourite bits and bad bits about blogging?

9. How long have you had your blog?

10. In 10 years will you still have your blog?
So there we have it , thanks for reading and thanks again for 100 followers! 

Remember all is rosy! X

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A week of outfits! ✿

Hi guys , coming at you today with a very exciting post , one that I’ve never done before .. A week of outfits! I’m no fashion guru , but I thought if I showed you what i wore this week it may give you some inspiration or if your like me it may just make you do a huge online shop for clothes that you probably  didn’t need! Anyway enough of my rambling , let me show what I wore this week! 

Outfit 1 –

I wore a simple black long sleeved tee from primark which I think was around £2 these are just basic things in my wardrobe and I wear them so often. That day I paired it with a flowery skirt from Topshop and I got this in the sale for I believe about £8-£10. I threw over a black flowey cardigan from H&M which was about £7.99. 

Outfit 2 – 

This day I wore some jeans from Jack Wills I got these in the sale quite a while ago and I’m not sure how much they are.I do remember them being a bargain , so keep an eye out in the Jack Wills sale. For my top I wore this really sweet baseball style tee from Topshop , I’m not sure how much this was as my sister got it for me ( ❤️) but I do know it supports cancer which makes it even better.I really love this top as its so comfortable but not too casual.

Outfit 3- 

I LOVE this dress so much.This is quite a new dress , I got it from the Topshop sale for about £8-£10. I don’t know what the material is , but it’s so lovely. the dress is figure hugging without being too tight, it has long sleeves , a gorgeous design AND  it’s has really pretty frills on the sleeve and in a bib shape on the chest. I adore this dress.

How cute are the sleeves ? 

Outfit 4 –

Again I’m wearing a stretchy long sleeved tee from Primark – these are such a staple for me! I am also wearing this oversized maroon jumper from H&M. I was looking for one of these for ages and I finally found this one.I remember it being quite prcicey at about £15-£18. My skirt was also from the jack Wills sale . If you know me you know how much I love checks and this skirt is one of my absolute favourite things in my wardrobe.

Outfit 5 – 

So this outfit was for when I was going to a christening to be a Godmother and my mum kindly treated me to this lovely dress from Jack Wills.Its a super pretty flowery dress which is good for a family occasion. I paired this with the H&M Cardigan that I mentioned earlier.

Outfit 6-

How cute is is little dungaree style skirt from Hollister ? I got this in the sale for around £10-£15 and I just love it.I wear it so often and it’s such a comfy but cool item.I then paired this with a Primark long sleeved tee ( what a suprise) and a maroon zip up hoody. This is such an easy outfit to throw on but you look like you’ve made an effort which i love! 

Outfit 7- 

The sun finally made a visit that day , so I braved it and went bare arms with this sweet tee from Topshop. I love the little speech bubble saying ‘hello’ I think it just adds a nice fun element. I got this for my birthday so I’m not sure on the price. The maroon high waisted jeans are from River Island , but my sister gave me these so again I’m unsure of the price!

So that’s all of my outfits for the week , let me know if you enjoyed and thanks for reading !
Remember all is rosy! 
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Handbag Must Haves ✿

Hi everyone, today I thought I’d share with you some bits that I have to have in my handbag to get me through a day !

So the actual handbag I use , is this leather satchel from H&M. This was such a bargain , in the sale for just £7.99! It is quite small , but it fits everything in perfectly! I love this bag! 

As you can see it’s quite beaten , but I quite like it , I think it adds to the bag.

So moving on to what’s actually in the bag,of course I have my purse in the bag and I got this lovely one from Jarrolds actually!

As well as my purse , I have some headphones , in case I’m travelling and I want to listen to some music.

I have some chewing gum , just in case I fancy some. I like to have some chewing gum after eating food so I always have a pack in my bag.

Next I like to have some hand sanitizer, becuase you never know what your gong to  touch when your out and about and it’s just nice to have some in case there’s no toilet nearby.

I love to have a lip balm with me ,and i think Baby Lips are perfect.They give a little bit of colour , and are very moisturising.

I like to have some concealer , just in case I need to touch up my makeup through the out the day and I love the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer.

I always have some tissues in my bag , and also a body spray.The Ted Baker mini sprays are so good , as they’re a perfect size just to pop in you’re bag and they smell amazing!

And lastly , I like to have a snack in my bag , just in case I get hungry or need a pick me up!
Thanks for reading , hope you enjoyed this post ! Let me know your handbag must haves!
Remember all is rosy! X
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Easter Swapbox ✿

Hello , hope you all had a great Easter and ate lots of chocolate ! Myself and Siesta Bay Blog decided to celebrate with an Easter swapbox! We had a budget of £10 and filled up a bag or box with goodies!  

In this post you will be seeing what I received and if you want to find out what i  got siesta Bay , Click here.

So to begin with , I’ll start with food. First off I got a delicious handbaked cupcake (it was so yummy!). She also very kindly gave me so,e hour at and some different flavoured chocolates.The flavours are quite strange like ‘earl grey’ and ‘lavender’ , but the ones I’ve tried so far are delicious ! 

Moving onto makeup ,I was gifted two lipsticks .One from Rimmel in the shade ‘Nude delight’. This is a really pretty orangey nude , perfect for spring ! Those other one is from MUA , and this is a very light nude in the shade ’11’. This one is similar to Mac ‘velvet teddy’ which is so good as it’s a lot cheaper.

And the last thing I unboxed, is this ‘Collection eyebrow kit’. I’m super happy about receiving this , as I was in need of a new brow product and this was the one I was after ! 


As you can see I have given it a try and it is so good! It’s such an affordable price and it’s such good quality.The brush that it comes with is brilliant and the gel is also so good! This will definatley be repurchased , as it it amazing !

I’m extremely grateful for all of the goodies I got , it’s a lot more than an average Easter egg haha !

Thanks for reading , I hope you had a amazing Easter and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Remember all is rosy! X
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